Grand Theft Auto V rumored to be landing on PS4, Xbox One and PC in June

Rumors of next-gen and PC releases for the best-selling Grand Theft Auto V have been floating around since long before the game even launched, but after months of silence from Rockstar, most of us had given up hope for an announcement anytime soon.

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duplissi2348d ago

Hmm. So much for that petition. People can be so immature sometimes.

Looking forward to playing the best version of the game.

Pro Racer2348d ago

We knew it was coming eventually - it was only a matter of time. June sounds like an odd release window though, my guess is it will be out this fall.

Lon3wolf2348d ago

"He clarified in another tweet that the release information is only a rumour."

Still only a rumour atm according to that article.

showtimefolks2348d ago

Pro Racer

june makes sense since not much gets released around summer time

Daniel_Potter2348d ago

Max Payne 3 got released in summer for PC.

Prime1572348d ago

Yeah, gta4 took 8 months to come out on pc, so I figured it would be about June when 5 got it's port.

raWfodog2348d ago

That's why I held off on buying it for my PS3. I knew (hoped) that a next-gen version would be announced.

joydestroy2347d ago

i keep thinking this fall as well. announcement at E3 with a fall release to cash in again on holiday. but who knows, maybe they will announce and release same day or a week later.

brightlight2347d ago (Edited 2347d ago )

June has proven to not be an "odd" release window anymore, I understand you but last year for instance TLOU release in june and also Watchdog comes out really late may (27th).

In a year there are different important release window such as fall, march and now june.

I'll go ahead and say that even Driveclub, planetside 2 and GTA V may release in June.

Pro Racer2347d ago


Of course it's a rumor - my point is that it will come eventually.

Rockstar would be fools not to re-release it for next gen consoles and PC at this point. Think of the masses who would gladly buy the game again to play it on new hardware - myself included.


True, Max Payne released in June. I guess we'll have to wait and see...

alexkoepp2347d ago

June is a great time to release a game. No one is putting games out so everyone is starved for games, and have extra time/cash during the summer. Guaranteed game sales if you put a good game out in June, or anytime in late spring/summer. I hate how most stuff is all released within a matter of weeks in the fall, not enough time to play them all.

sonarus2347d ago

I am actually hoping for this. Ever since I heard of this rumor I have held out playing GTA. Can't wait

CertifiedGamer2347d ago (Edited 2347d ago )

I don't know why fans are expecting this game to be released on ps4/x1/ and PC? Did Rockstar ever release an HD remake on PS3 of san adrius? Rockstar has no love for PC because they don't like the pirate factor. Just accept that it's a game for ps3 and 360 already and move on.

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starchild2348d ago

Still just a rumor at this point. I'd love to see it happen, but we simply don't know yet. It would be a shame if this is the only main Grand Theft Auto entry that didn't make it to PC.

duplissi2348d ago

Yeah, slightly disappointed, but I still think it is coming. If it never comes then I will just hijack my friend's 360 copy and play that.

Negative772347d ago


Just borrow or buy your friend's 360 and buy the damn game. Why do you have to steal it?

It's amazing and Rockstar deserves your money!

duplissi2347d ago

lol.... In this context Hijack=Borrow....

Blaze9292348d ago

I dont think anyone doubts itll come to PC/PS4/Xbox One - its just a question of "when?"

Negative772347d ago

I have it on the 360 and it will have to be SOME upgrade for me to buy it again on PS4 or XB1.

I mean like the best graphics I've ever seen....

randomass1712348d ago

This version was a given, I think. Here's hoping that it comes with a trade deal.

Irishguy952348d ago

Yeah I can't wait for the PC version too

frostypants2347d ago

Prepare to be underwhelmed all over again...IN 1080P!!!

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Mankey2348d ago (Edited 2348d ago )

Rockstar seems to not really be a fan of the PC.

Midnight Club LA - No PC Port
GTA IV - port came out almost a year later
Red Dead Redemption - No PC port
LA Noire - 7 months later PC port
Max Payne 3 - One and Only Rockstar game with a timely release on PC
GTA V - ?

Conclusion? Rockstar either doesn't care about the PC or does not think it's a viable platform.

(This is reporting facts not hating on the PC, that's Rockstar's prerogative)

WeAreLegion2348d ago

GTA IV did pretty well on PC, I believe. That's about it though, sadly. Red Dead would have been great on PC, but the code was apparently so sloppy that they would have had to build it from the ground up for PC.

SuperBlur2347d ago

R*San Diego (RDR-Midnight Club LA) does not like PC , their last game ported to it was Midtown Madness 2 in 2000

As for the rest , its just pure old way of thinking , the guys in charge at R*games have old beliefs of what pc gaming is. Proof? Just take a look at how similar Social Club is to that cancer of GFWL

elninels2347d ago


Perhaps they don't feel like optimizing for the myriad of pc configurations AND having their game pirated.

tee_bag2422348d ago

Yeah PC get stiffed a lot with Rockstar. GTA5 in particular is a limited time exclusive for the consoles. There was an article a while back detailing how the consoles banded together and payed for limited exclusivity.
It sucks. I've had it on PS3 but am dying to get it on PC

HappyWithOneBubble2348d ago

It's not that they aren't fans, I think they just want to make the most profit possible on consoles. GTA5 would never do 30m+ on PC due to piracy.

Vegamyster2348d ago

Thing is it doesn't need to sell 30 miilion to make a profit on it, funny enough the game was available to pirate on the 360 before its launch.

With GTA4 they had they clever idea to fight pirates -

SpideySpeakz2348d ago

I think it more to do with fixing glitches and bugs by releasing it to console first, like a beta test. PC is a very open platform and more user-friendly for hackers. If R* released GTA5 on PC at the same time as consoles, Online would have been a even bigger disaster. They will release it to PC, but need to take pre-cautions first.

TheDevKit2348d ago

Steam as a distribution platform has made piracy far less worrisome for developers.

duplissi2348d ago

Maybe not, but it wouldn't be due to piracy. PC gamers are generally a slightly different demographic than Console gamers are. It would sell less simply because it doesnt appeal to PC gamers as it does with Console gamers.

I for one would buy it, but I know a lot of PC gamers who aren't even interested.

Dee_912348d ago

"Thing is it doesn't need to sell 30 miilion to make a profit on it"
That does't make sense.I don't think their goal is to make just at or above the profit margin, but to exceed it.

"funny enough the game was available to pirate on the 360 before its launch."

Piracy isn't as global on 360 as it is on PC.Or were you just saying that as a thought?

I personally don't think they don't make pc versions because of piracy or because its not a viable platform .It may be a more technical reason that we as consumers don't know about.

Vegamyster2347d ago


I just don't like when some people say a game won't come to platform because of piracy, if that was true then The Witcher series would have moved exclusively to consoles. I assume they're working on the PC version along side PS4/Xone versions.

elninels2347d ago


CDProjektRed are an odd circumstance where consumers reward CDPR's convictions in terms of DRM and the trust the company has in their fanbase.

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AnotherProGamer2348d ago

It's a good business strategy.

Sell console versions first then release the PC version so they have to buy it again, I seen a lot of people buy the console version because they couldn't wait, same with Dark Souls 2

awi59512348d ago

They can't program for crap on pc you mean. Grandtheft auto 4 ran like crap and was programmed by retards i think.

Beastforlifenoob2348d ago

Dayum the more I look at it the more i realise rockstar is the greatest developer.

Thank god I own both a PS4 and pc.

Hassassin2348d ago

Max Payne 3 PC was awesome though

TheRealTedCruz2347d ago

A fantastic port. Looked amazing and ran incredibly well.

aLucidMind2348d ago

Every GTA game has been out on PC, all being close to but not more than one year after the console release. Its not so much that they aren't PC fans as the fact that the only games they've released that they felt would net a good profit is GTA and MP3.

Red Dead Redemption was considered a risk by many since Westerns is an unproven genre in gaming. They may not have made enough to warrant releasing on PC later on. LA Noire was barely profitable due to how Team Bondi's management treated their employees more like indentured servants than employees.

It isn't so much they don't think it's a viable platform, it's clear that this past generation has had several games by them that were not quite profitable enough or too much of a risk to release on PC. GTA is one of very few console-released games that is consistently profitable.

Mankey2348d ago

So they don't think the PC is profitable enough?

randomass1712348d ago

Rockstar enjoys developing on PS hardware first. they're all about consoles. PCs are an afterthought it seems.

Milesprowers2347d ago

Do the console versions have a mod community?

aquamala2347d ago

it's to get people like me to double dip, I didn't want to wait so already played it on consoles, and will get it again (with DLCs) when it's on PC. evil strategy, and it's working!

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DJustinUNCHAIND2348d ago

So this whole article was written to confirm what we already know?

Jaqen_Hghar2348d ago

Put rumor in the title please. A man got excited for nothing.

GeofferyPeterson2348d ago (Edited 2348d ago )

It says rumor in the kind of the article it is buddy. Anyway I can't anymore, a Mod will have to do it

crusf2348d ago

In the TITLE. You made the mistake of not including the original articles title "Grand Theft Auto V rumored to be landing on PS4, Xbox One and PC in June" and instead opted to use something that will get your post hits. Shameless!!

ZodTheRipper2348d ago

It would have never gotten so many klicks if "Rumor" would've been included in the title.

TitanUp2348d ago

all of these rumors have to lead to something maybe not june has to be close to it.

Mankey2348d ago (Edited 2348d ago )

Also. Misleading title.