Would you Pay $1,000 for a PS5?

So what exactly does a thousand dollar product look like? Well, for one the system would need to combine several of Sony’s products and services into one. For example, if the PS4 was six hundred, but it came with a Vita and games for each, people would buy it. For the PS5, we would need to see a all in one entertainment device that goes with us. It needs to be portable, it needs to be powerful, and it needs to be overwhelming in its breadth of features. People will invest in a product that they believe justifies the cost and even with a thousand dollar price tag the PS5 would still sell with the proper feature set.

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Starbucks_Fan1863d ago

Oh wow. A site dedicated for PS5 already lol.

TomShoe1863d ago

If it was worth the money, I'd buy it.

randomass1711863d ago

Nope. Couldn't afford it lol. I'd lose my home after that haha.

Conzul1863d ago

Hmmm....if we have the revolution BEFORE then and minimum wage goes up, then I can see a lot of people doing that.

Either way, if it had the features and was that at launch, I'd probs do it. Even for $1k.

Giul_Xainx1863d ago

Honestly it would not surprise me. The ps3 to ps4 may be a shinning light... but I am fairly certain that ps5 will cost that much.

Volkama1863d ago

I wish both the PS4 and One had aimed higher. I would gladly have paid more for better hardware, even if it meant only getting 1 console and not both.

If a console was going to cost more I wouldn't want it to be because it includes a breadth of services like portability or a free Vita though. Just more potential and power for gaming.

Jack_Of_All_Blades1863d ago

If it had the features and components to back up the cost, then yeah

Pro Racer1863d ago (Edited 1863d ago )

What a great article... Now we need a PS5 vs Xbox Two comparison. Or better yet, let's skip to next-next gen and talk about the PS6.

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MRMagoo1231863d ago

I paid $1000 Aus for the ps3 at release and our money is basically worth the same as the US so i wouldnt care, i spent 4 thousand on a new pc.

gameslayer24111863d ago (Edited 1863d ago )

Agreed, the price to keep and maintain a computer as tech gets better is insane. My $2000 rig will need an upgrade before 2016 as games become more demanding, and that means shelling out money for a higher graphics card, or running SLI, and that determines how big of a power supply upgrade I will need. That alone will be more expensive than either new console (For both Card and Supply). I Currently have the Geforce GTX 760 and am thinking of getting a second one just to SLI it but that would mean a power supply and I can't afford it. :(

Ausbo1863d ago

Can u get me a job at your work?

Conzul1863d ago

Guys Aus is well-to-do versus most of the rest of the 1st-world.

Benchm4rk1863d ago

Yeah in Australia we tend to get shafted. I paid $1800 for my Xbox 360 in December of 2005 from the UK. Australia didn't get it until March 23rd 2006. I didn't want to wait that long. Seems a bit stupid now. So paying $1000 for a console is no big deal.

AndrewLB1862d ago

Gameslayer- You don't need anywhere near that much money for what you're talking about. Go spend $120 on a Corsair HX-850w PSU and it will easily run 2x 760's along with a heavily overclocked system. I'm running 2x gtx 680's off mine, haswell i5-4670K @ 4.2ghz, 6 hard drives, and more and this thing doesn't skip a beat. Actually I'm sure that PSU will run 3x 760's.

I just got my new 4670k and an ASrock Extreme4 z87 motherboard for $280 and sold my old i7-860 and P7P55D-Deluxe asus motherboard for $150. So the whole upgrade cost me $130. Wow... sooooo expensive. i'll probably flip my video cards once Maxwell comes out which will cover about 50% of the upgrade.

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Retroman1863d ago

1,000.00 console???? i would need 18 jobs to make down payment haaaaaaaaaa

Anon19741863d ago

I don't care what it did, I wouldn't be shelling out $1000 for it.

assdan1863d ago

Well, here's what I'm going to say about the ps5. If it was worth $1000, I'd pay 1000. I'm doubting it will be that expensive though. Second... The ps4 came out 5 months ago. I'm not really thinking about the ps5 yet.

Back-to-Back1862d ago

For $1000 it better have a built in blowjob.

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ArbitorChief1863d ago (Edited 1863d ago )

I already have a PS5 and Xbox 4, it's called a high end PC.

kayoss1863d ago (Edited 1863d ago )

So does that mean you can play god of war 7: Buddha is in trouble, The last of us: we promise this is the last of us, uncharted 9: been here before, halo 10: let shoot more stuff, and forza 11: the real digitize spectators and not cardboard cut outs edition?

ArbitorChief1863d ago

Nah I can play better games than that and my hardware is already most likely what the PS5/XB4 will be and low level APIs haven't even released yet :)

DragonKnight1863d ago

No, are you kidding? He only plays dem hardcore gamez like LoL and Minecraft. Those are dem true hardcore gamez. PC Mastah Race Fo' Life.

GeofferyPeterson1863d ago (Edited 1863d ago )

Oh No You Di'int!! http://images2.wikia.nocook...
Time to get the popcorn.

BitbyDeath1863d ago (Edited 1863d ago )

Strange that my PS4 has games with better graphics than your PS5.

Guess them alternate realities really are something else.

Deividas1863d ago (Edited 1863d ago )

Thats not something to be proud of...if a development team cant make their game run and look the best on a system that has the most advanced and newest tech available at all times, thats shameful, and I personally would consider them a joke. Not something the development team should be boasting about, nor should they feel proud. Lazy is what it is. And I am a PS4 owner.

BitbyDeath1863d ago

As I pm'd back to Arbitor -

"Just retorting to your silly comment.
Previous generation leaps show console games do look better than PC games (even on the highest of settings) in the next gen which makes your statement ludicrous.
eg. GTAIII ultra on PC doesn't look anywhere near as good as GTAV on consoles.

PS5 is not just a 4K Watchdogs, it is what you have never seen before."

Volkama1863d ago

Urch cinemablend.

The dev has already come out and said that's nonsense, so you might want to stop linking it.

Delsin_Rowe1863d ago

Yeah but don't have good amazing exclusive game as XBox and PlayStation brand.

Pandamobile1863d ago

Not everyone is a brand-whore.

TheRealTedCruz1863d ago

PC has a storied history of amazing exclusives, actually.

Delsin_Rowe1863d ago

#Pandamobile but our exclusive is more appealing to society and it sell a lot more our exclusive games than the master race, plus a lot of those exclusive PC games Is coming to PS4 and XBONE. Also our exclusive broke many records like Last of Us which is number 1 highest Game of year award and beat Skyrim by a long shot.

2pacalypsenow1863d ago

hows the quality of halo 5 and uncharted 4 on that pc?

LackTrue4K1863d ago

tell us more about how GTA V runs on it!!!!!!


TheRealTedCruz1863d ago (Edited 1863d ago )

Hey, I love PC gaming. I built a PC over a year ago, with tech that was high-end, though not cutting edge and, yeah, I am outperforming consoles that were just released. It is a multiplatform no-brainer, and the indie and PC-exclusive scene is like nothing I've seen on console; they are providing me with some of the best experiences I've had in gaming, honestly.
That said, consoles are certainly nothing to scoff at. The quality of Sony's first-parties is incredibly high, Nintendo has franchises so good that they have stood the test of time, and even Microsoft has games like Sunset Overdrive, Quantum Break, and the potential of another Forza: Horizon release that have me drooling with anticipation.
Like what you like, back what you back, but I've always said a little bit of everything, considering you can afford it, is the way to go.


If you think that is all that PC is, then you honestly don't know PC gaming. As I said above, PC has a storied history of amazing exclusives that just never made it to console; same can be said for PC, however. PC is a means to get the most out of your games, considering it is worthwhile to you. The indie scene that you seem to toss to the side is serving as a major branch for all of the consoles this gen, it seems, and has provided some of the best experiences I've had in the last few years. I also find it funny that you denounce such games, along with MMO's, while console gamers are clamoring for ports of such games, as well as other PC exclusives.

Oh, and you can have that in at any resolution and FPS you decide to accommodate yourself with, being you brought that one up. Just saying.


well, first off, the original post was moronic fanboy banter to begin with. my post was meant to hit him right back with the idiocy that the original post perpetuates.

secondly, youre talking to a guy who owns over 30something games on steam himself. all i can say is that from what ive seen, many, MANY notable PC exclusives are either: MMOs, RTS's, and mmorpg's. often times i wonder where the really incredible EXCLUSIVE pc FPS is. How about an actual big budget platformer? AAA PC exclusive fighting game? any really great exclusive PC sports games? OMG, have you played the most recent fantastic PC exclusive hack n slash game? yeah, neither have i.

it definitely seems to me as if the pc's main source of solid exclusives come from a very different style of games in comparison to consoles. so to even jokingly say that you "already have a ps5 through PC" is an awful joke.

Im ready to throw out a challenge to any PC gamer out there:

I think we can all agree that 1,200 isnt even really considered a high-end PC cash nowadays. Now let me ask you folks this- do you honestly think youd get a wider range of gaming experiences from spending 1200 dollars on a single mid-level PC, OR instead using that 1200 dollars to pick yourself up a PS4, XBOX ONE, and a Wii U?

MASTER_RAIDEN1863d ago (Edited 1863d ago )

oh man, that sucks! i cant believe the majority of software the ps5/xbox 4 are ever going to be composed of are 15,000 different MMOs, indie titles no one has any interest in, and a pathetic lingering hope for half life 3 someday.

BUT YOU CAN HAVE ALL THAT IN 1440p!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Inzo1863d ago

Does it have any good games?..................No you say. Because its a PC. Fantastic graphics, snore fest of games.

Jyndal1863d ago (Edited 1863d ago )

I don't really know what to say to this.

Ragthorn1863d ago

To the people who say that our games are lower quality, please understand that to some people, they do not like Uncharted, Halo, Forza, The Last of Us, and Gran Turismo. That is why we have multiple platforms, and that we have big name PC exclusives aswell, and Strategy games are best played on PC! PC has games like Star Citizen (in development, but looking to be the space sim of my dreams!), Shroud of the Avatar (Created by the man behind the Ultima series, and also in development), Broken Age (Tim Schafer and I believe this is only PC, correct me if I am wrong), Kerbal Space Program, Asseto Corsa, Wasteland 2, and many more. Keep in mind I just named these upcoming, in development, or in alpha on Steam games. I know way more that are upcoming, but I think you guys get my point. I love some PS4 and XONE games, but you can't just call out exclusives from them and say they are better.

ssj271862d ago

How can someone who has never been in space create a space sim?
Really before you dare to answer this question.. do not touch your games and pc for a year and then maybe then you will see how stupid you sound.

Space simulator? ?? Hahaha what the f/!&#*

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admiralvic1863d ago

While I won't get into all the things wrong / stupid about this article, I will say that I believe $1,000 is well past the maximum people will pay for a console regardless of what it features and I believe this for a number of reasons...

1) A good number of consoles are sold during the Winter Holidays and similar events, which I doubt many parents / friends / lovers would be okay with paying. I mean, even the $400 for the PlayStation 4 is no doubt too steep for many to pass.
2) Not worth it for most trend setters. Similar to how people are worried about the Wii U's future, I doubt many people would be rushing out to spend $1,000 to play ANY game currently out in this generation. I know this is a bold claim, but there are people complaining about paying $400 for a console getting games they don't think are worth it, so do you really think that would change with a 250% price increase?
3) It would be poison for a retailer to stock these. A lot of people seem unaware that shelf space has a lot of value to retailers, which is why they will quickly discount / sell off collectors editions. The same will happen with a console costing this much, as people will just wait for a discount.
4) Finally, I think many people would be afraid of downscaled games. Since the system has this absurd price, I doubt we will see many supporters, especially if something is significantly cheaper. If something is cheaper, then even with the power to easily do more than the weaker system, companies simply won't invest as much as it isn't worth it in their bottom line. This would make the extra cost / specs moot, as you're simply not seeing the results for your money.

MidnytRain1863d ago (Edited 1863d ago )

This one of the most illegitimate-looking websites I've been to in a while. It looks like one of those pages you end up on if you keep clicking through those "How to last longer in bed!" links.

avengers19781863d ago

They would pretty much have to guarantee that the console would be around for 20 years+. They would have to give a 10 TB HDD, all games would have to run in 4k or better resolution at a minimum of 120 fps. Plus it would have to be fully backwards compatible for me to spend a grand, my guess is they stay right at the sweet spot of 400-500$. Cause if they didn't give all those things I would wait till the price was severally reduced.