The Elder Scrolls Online: My Thoughts On The Game To Date

Gareth at Skewed and Reviewed has posted an opinion piece on The Elder Scrolls Online after his time playing the beta and launch versions of the game. He cites much of the game as great eye candy but says there is a real sense of having seen much of it all before and wonders how many people will stick with the game at the current $14.99 a month price several months from now.

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amnalehu1865d ago

That $14.99 per month... $9.99 maybe.

Garethvk1865d ago

They had asked reviewers not to do reviews as they said it was impossible to review a game as large as this so soon after launch. So they suggested we do a series of ok, here are my thoughts now, then perhaps 3 weeks to a month later and so on. I am iffy over if I would pay to play it mainly as I have deadlines and other games to review. If I had 20+ hours a week to play it for several months then I would be more likley to consider it.

Fearmonkey1864d ago

I love this game, really enjoyed the betas and the game thus far. Unfortunately, real life has got in the way lately and I haven't been able to play much, but you know a game is decent when you miss playing it.

Garethvk1864d ago

So true. Time gets in the way of many games.