The Weapons of the Next-Gen Star Wars Battlefront We Would Like Included

Star Wars HQ writes: We takes a look at the top 5 weapons and gadgets we would like to see in the upcoming Star Wars Battlefront from DICE and EA.

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randomass1711864d ago

Dang. I thought this was going to show the new game. :(

AgentSmithPS41864d ago

Dang. How could this game be made by the enemy, ea/dice. :( I'll do my best to resist reading anything about it from now on until it's been released and roughly examined by the masses.

randomass1711864d ago

Eh, unless the game is an outright ripoff (like SimCity at launch) then I don't care who makes the game. EA is going to make money no matter what I say or do. And I love Battlefront. So I'll probably get it.

sAVAge_bEaST1864d ago (Edited 1864d ago )

Sucks, I know,.. I have the same 30 day boycott period. for all EA games (now)

- and I sure as hell ain't the only one ...

christrules00411864d ago (Edited 1864d ago )

This is too your other comment. But isn't buying a broken product at launch a rip off? I mean it would be like me buying a lamp that sometimes works. You take that crap back and get a new one. Except we can't.....

randomass1711863d ago

Yup! It absolutely is. That's why SimCity was a total ripoff. People paid a lot of money for a loading screen that crashed and EA refused to refund them. Battlefield 4 was also stupidly broken and buggy. But people bought it anyway. :/

CyrusLemont1863d ago

DAMN THAT THUMBNAIL. It looked so real :( haha

Solid_Penguin-641863d ago

I wonder if there will be extensive customisation options such as changing the design and colour of different parts of your armour (personal and ships) or building your own lightsaber for the heroes and villains. Just hope EA don't microtransaction the sh*t out of it if they do...

ghostface91863d ago

why was he calling them ion canyons instead of cannons

ghostface91863d ago

If Dice f's this game I will never buy another game from them I have been waiting for a battlefront 3 for 10 years. Now I do think of all the companies out there perfect for this game because of all the things they create in the battlefield series with the big environments and air sea and land battles

randomass1711863d ago

Seriously dude, read user reviews and keep on eye on bug reports. Don't just jump in blindly. DICE doesn't really deserve your benefit of the doubt.

Skate-AK1861d ago

I never thought I would see another Battlefront game. Lets hope EA leaves DICE alone.