It's Time for Confidence

Nintendo needs to change their ways, right? Maybe what they really need to change is their attitude. It's time for confidence!

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wonderfulmonkeyman1864d ago (Edited 1864d ago )

Agreed with all points made, but I feel that I need to add one in.

Nintendo needs to get on the ball with advertisement efforts in the states.

A better marketing push to create tremendous hype for the system, and especially its games, would also be the same as showing confidence in the quality of both the hardware and software.[but especially the software, since that's what's going to sell the system to consumers in the long run]

They need to re-evaluate how they've been marketing the Wii U, and think up a better ad campaign.
I'm talking prime-time TV commercials showcasing action-packed moments from games coming to the system, set to some music that would get gamers' blood racing.

I also feel that showing up on-stage at E3, and doing something above the hype level of the Twilight Princess reveal for most of the show, would go a very long way towards changing consumer mindsets about the Wii U.

Dante811864d ago

Proper hardware like the SNES era + third party support like Sony/Microsoft will put Nintendo back on track. They are the best software house in the world, and us old-timers are waiting for their resurgence.