PlayStation Store Preview - April 15th, 2014: An Update Reborn

From PSLS:

"This week Final Fantasy XIV: A Ream Reborn arrives on the PS4 and Beyond: Two Souls finally makes its way to the PlayStation Store as a digital download for the PS3. Aside from those two highlights, there is plenty of content available across all platforms in what is one of the better PS Store updates in recent weeks."

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JohnApocalypse1867d ago

Ah nice, there's a demo for Trails

DallasTrout1867d ago (Edited 1867d ago )

I'm downloading the Trials demo as soon as I can.

Rockefellow1867d ago

I'm looking forward to the Trials demo, but that price is just wild. I don't mind paying higher prices for games that are truly outstanding or to support developers, but this $20 tag seems to simply be a way to test the waters and see how well a moderately higher price sticks on next-gen consoles.

Unless it's absolutely bursting with a large variation of content, I'm not seeing $40 worth of game up front for the season pass and main game. I'm not a fan of the whole pass thing in the first place, but it costing the same price as the game is awfully peculiar to me.

zeuanimals1867d ago

Seems like people are looking forward to the Trials demo.

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