Leaked PlayStation Now Beta Loading Times for All Games Show Large Improvement From First Phase

Back in February a reader that wished to remain anonymous sent DualShockers a list of the loading times of all the games that were available in the first phase of the beta of PlayStation Now.

The beta has now moved on to the second phase, with a whole lot of new games available and even some returning ones. The same tipsters took it upon himself to clock the loading times again using the same internet connection and to share them again, showing a large improvement across the board.

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GentlemenRUs1868d ago (Edited 1868d ago )

Glad to know :P

When it comes to us Brits, It's going to be a great service if the rentals are reasonably priced.

Abriael1868d ago

Hopefully before the world ends...

emad-E-three1868d ago

Mind if you share the expiration date /s

Kurisu1868d ago

Is that before or after Final Fantasy XV releases? :p

Septic1868d ago

We Brits need to get this ASAP.

Shadow of the Colossus...yes please!

ABizzel11868d ago

I'm still not to keen on the rental service, but hopefully they give you at least 1 free rental per week or something worthwhile.

$5 a week is a good deal considering Redbox is $2 a day, but they have to compete with Gamefly, and other companies for the best value possible.

zeuanimals1868d ago

That's enough time to finish the Golden Mile.

Bathyj1868d ago (Edited 1868d ago )

You mean the pub?

Ah zeuanimals beat me to it. ;P

MazzingerZ1868d ago (Edited 1868d ago )

We all pay according the econony in every country, if we think logical then all prices are high for people, can't say it's cheap in scandinavia either, in the US many ignore taxes are not included in prices and so on, that's why even more important quality of games and sevices are good because it's not cheap for anyone

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Kurisu1868d ago

That's a big if lol.

Us Brits usually get screwed over when it comes to pricing!

ion531868d ago

COUGH COUGH £55 Games... -___- Why do we pay about $80... T_T

MonstaTruk1868d ago

Just make sure you have AT LEAST HALF of the whole PS3 library available to rent, at launch. Same thing with PS1/PS2 (if not local compatibility). This service has a GREAT potential to it, SONY. Don't d*ck it away...

Massacred1868d ago

Incremental improvement as we draw closer.

DaleCooper1868d ago

I think without a subscription service paired with PS+ this is a really tough sell. Renting an old game seems kind of odd to me. Does anyone know if there's an option to purchase the game, like the OnLive service has?

iceman061868d ago

That's a good question. I also think that an incentive from PS+ should be provided. Whether that be a "free" rental a month or reduced price for the rental. I think that would go a LONG way toward quicker adoption.

nunley331868d ago

On the screens shown on playstation now site,the former gaikai site,TLOU is displayed with buy & rental option through the service. I'll buy the sub most likely along with plus if it's a similar price.

mark3214uk1868d ago

lol his internet could of been having a good day

Dungus1868d ago

what does "could of" mean?

randomass1711867d ago

Sir, I will have you know that the proper grammar is "could have."

Mikey322301868d ago

The Service/ Application is still insanely slow.. at least on the PS3. I think that just might because of how the PS3 is very slow in general like with the Playstation store on PS3 vs PS4.

JakeTyler931867d ago

Why is this getting down votes?

Mikey322301867d ago

I'm wondering the same thing?

Is Playstation Now lightning fast on your guy's PS3s...?

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