Are Tablets Finally Getting "Real" Games? - CasualL Friday

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We know, we know - two tablet-related videos in a row - but with more 'hardcore' games like FTL, Hearthstone and XCOM starting to show up on the iPad, we are genuinely tabbowondering: is this the beginning of a trend of more substantial games making their way to the platform?

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Summons751866d ago

No, they will always be bad ports of real games but they will never be real games.

mixelon1866d ago (Edited 1866d ago )

Hearthstone, XCom and FTL aren't real games now? FTL and XCom are amazing ports.

You have Kefka as a freaking avatar too.. IOS has a load of FFs.. FFT? These aren't real games either?

Summons751866d ago

Have you play the FF one IOS? Awful! Hearthstone is generic card game #9999999999, go on the app store and there are a million more.

These APPS will never be real games. off games were meant to be played with controllers (or keyboard mouse depending on the version).

Tablets and cellphones will NEVER be reliable gaming options.

mixelon1866d ago

Final fantasy Tactics runs great on ios.. Anything with turn based combat is fine.

"It will never be.."

It already is viable and taken seriously by the industry. Not as a replacement for consoles, but complementary. They ARE reliable gaming options used by millions of gamers already.

FTL and xcom are pretty much ideally suited for touch. Turn based or pausable rts, multitouch has some advantages over mouse too.

nope1111866d ago

Agreed. Souless cash-grabs

3-4-51865d ago

Would you settle for having to swipe your hand across your 55-inch TV just to switch channels or watch a replay of the Football/Hockey/basketball/Bas eball/Golf game ?


pakua1866d ago

I'd never consider ditching my console for a tablet. Poor controls and crappy ports.

mixelon1866d ago

I dont think anyone's giving one up for the other, they're complementary.

LAWSON721866d ago

The only games I would buy off the android market is all the FFs through 6, but IMO the price is not right. I think android has a terrible game selection and I will never use it, let alone ever think of it, as a gaming platform. My phone will always be the place I emulate Pokemon and that is it.