PS4 - Lot's Of PlayStation News Happening This Week, Details On Firmware Update 1.7 "Coming Soon"

MP1st - Announced on March 19th, Sony revealed that the PS4 would be receiving a major update that was set to include many new features, including the removal of the dreaded HDCP that many have requested. Though they stated that the update would be available "Soon", nearly a month has passed since we've gotten any word about it, though it seems that may change this week.

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ddgaming8201861d ago

More uncharted news would be fantastic.

Nitrowolf21861d ago

I doubt we'll see any till E3. What we need is the release of this Firmware that was announced a month back. I hope some Driveclub news (since they said we would get news to early this month) comes or and update on PlanetSide 2

Mikelarry1861d ago

doubt they will talk about uncharted seems more like an e3 news. hopefully whatever they announce i hope i am presently surprised

UnbiasedOpinions1861d ago (Edited 1861d ago )

We all know Software isn't Sony's strong suit but it's nice to hear updates are on the way, what games do you guys think they are teasing? ND will kill it with Uncharted for sure

zeee1861d ago

I am kinda hoping that Sony will keep their big surprised close to their chest only to unleash everything at E3. That'd make it the E3 experience even that awesome and allow Sony to continue working on their titles without any pressure.

As for the Firmware. After I got my headset working, I am good. Though, it'd be nice to have most of the PS3 features added to the PS4 such as Pause/Resume downloads etc.

Sevir1861d ago

I doubt they'll over kill with Uncharted, considering they just announced TLOU last week. I think we''ll see that at E3, this week should see stuff on Everybody's Gone to Rapture, Shadow of the Beast, and Drive club

jessupj1860d ago (Edited 1860d ago )

@ UnbiasOpinions

Very smooth stealth troll there. Would have slipped by me if the thought of exclusives being a weakness of sony wasn't so laughable.

jsslifelike1860d ago (Edited 1860d ago )

How does the grammar in these titles keep getting approved??

Tell me... what does "Lot" possess?

Muzikguy1860d ago

@jss it just tells me not to take it seriously or even read it

UltraNova1860d ago

It will be firmware related IMO. As for E3 I truly hope Uncharted and Driveclub wont be the only games there.

There is Guerrilla's new IP, a new god of war, hopefully the last guardian (dont hold your breath though), maybe a new heavenly sword announcement and for the love of god I hope some new AAA IPs are in the making its the reason I invested in Sony for their exclusives and not being afraid to make something new (see TLoU and Quantic Dreams games)!

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heisenberguk1861d ago

DS4 light dimming AT THE MOST!

ground_beef1860d ago (Edited 1860d ago )

Looool, nice one

Seriously though I don't think anything major other than the update is gonna be announced. Which is still great news. Still haven't started infamous yet, so i don't need anything more as of right now. All is good.

incredibleMULK1860d ago

change gamer ID AT THE MOST!

downwardspiral1861d ago

soo, is driveclub still gonna be free for ps+ users? I remember it was suppose to be included with ps+ for the launch of the ps4.

TheEnigma3131860d ago

PS plus members get a piece of the game and can purchase the full copy for a discount.

AceBlazer131861d ago

Meh, i pass on hearing about these updates.When it drops it drops, quit teasing and building us up only to to release stability updates.

heisenberguk1861d ago (Edited 1861d ago )

EXACTLY! They build these things up on twitter like they're something special and people start going mad saying" Hope it's Shenmue 3, Hope it's a new Crash Bandicoot" THEN after the big anti climax people bad mouth Sony for not doing enough!!

Bird_Jesus1861d ago

Sony doesnt own Crash anymore or Shenmue

1nsomniac1860d ago

^^ Both are in the pipeline though ;-)

randomass1711860d ago

A new Crash (a good one) certainly is in order though.

Muzikguy1861d ago

I agree completely. If last gen taught us anything, it's NOT to get hyped over firmware updates. If when the update comes out and it's not what you were expecting, then voice your opinion. I want to see media functions added back in so I can stream from my computer to PS4, folders, and customization options. That's all I want. So unless they add something I don't want I can be like "oh wow, thanks guys!" I just keep my expectations low

Massacred1861d ago

There are SO MANY things people are waiting for Sony to update it's crazy.

macethedon1860d ago (Edited 1860d ago )

That happens only when it's 1.61,1.62 etcetera, but when it's 1.7,1.8 etcetera, it tends to mean a big update is rolling out.

heisenberguk1861d ago

Great, another big anti climax on the way!