Xbox One Goes Blue: Microsoft Announces Bundle Dedicated to French Football Team; Available for €580

Microsoft has released an unboxing video of its new Xbox One bundle targeting French soccer fans.

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Stringerbell1861d ago

If they made a Marseille version I would be all over this.

iceman061861d ago

Question? Is PSG considered an "evil empire" like Man U in English football or Real Madrid in Spain (I mean due to player acquisitions and financial allotments?) In the US, we have the Yankees in baseball that traditionally could spend their way to a championship. I just wonder if this mentality extends to French football?

iGAM3R-VIII1861d ago

correction it is Man City who could spend their way to a championship, not Man U.

iceman061861d ago's Man City NOW, but traditionally, Man U has had the power and acquired the resources to do so as well. But, I get the argument due to Man City's more than substantial financial backing!

Stringerbell1861d ago

Well truth be told Marseille is the most supported club in France (sorry downvoters its true). To answer your question iceman Marseille fans despise PSG with or without their Arab benefactors. But much like Man City their super infusion of cash has made it that much easier to despise them. But the comparison of the Yankees and PSG ends at the $$$. Paris's trophy record in Ligue 1 pre takeover leaves a lot to be desired.

iceman061861d ago

Thanks...I was more referencing the money than the trophies anyway. I just wondered if that "hate" increased with the big money, much like it does for most sports franchises. We get some of the French league games here, but they are pretty much handpicked as either rival games or PSG! However, I would ALWAYS play with Marseille when playing any French league games in FIFA or PES. That's the only team that I was somewhat familiar with (they always put them in the demo!). Thanks again for the info!

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PSG fans must feel a bit sour after the Chelsea match =]. Hopefully this can cheer them up.

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