Why the Xbox One is a Hard Sell, Even to a Diehard Fanboy

A happy PS4 owner (as well as a disillusioned Xbox fanboy) discusses what Microsoft needs to do to get him to buy an Xbox One.

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Beastforlifenoob3222d ago

I'm Telling you PS has always delivered the best brand quality and 1st party games aswell as a slew of 3rd part support.

PS1 destroyed N64
PS2 destroyed Gamecube and xbx combined
PS3 Was the best 1st part EVER and it did not rely on casuals, had a HUGE starting price, launched late and was still neck to neck with its competition
PS4 Well lets be honest, it has no feasible competition at the moment.

PS exclusives and 1st party has always been the star highlight of the brand aswell as the graphical fedilty of the games produced on their system aswell as the extra features given to customers (First console with Blu-ray, First console with dvd, First motion controls, etc,etc,)


Sitdown3221d ago

PS had motion controls first?

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Alsybub3221d ago

@bgamer if we're talking about motion controls then there are examples of this a lot earlier. One that I can think of is Samba de Amigo on Dreamcast. That was released in 1999.

Also, motion control is considered to be a controller that uses accelerometers to judge movement. In that case the Wii in 2006 would be the first.

I suppose Eye Toy was the first to track movement, kind of, using a camera peripheral.

fonger083221d ago

Come on man, do your your research, Sony was not the first console to have motion controls drag and nintendo did it almost a decade before the playstation eye was introduced.

warczar3221d ago

have none of you ever heard of the power glove? or seen the movie "the wizard"? Goddamn I'm getting old.

randomass1713221d ago

Sony and nintendo, if you ask me. Both of those companies make games for their systems. Nintendo is in a bit of an identity crisis, but they still make fabulous games. Sony has gotten out of their PS3 midlife crisis and now they're champions of the gaming market again. It's because they know games. Period.

Ittoryu3221d ago

@bgamer actually the gimmick of motion control has been around for a long time Atari actually had the first motion controller for a home console in the late 70's, they also had the first wireless controller and other futuristic before their time ideas.

DarXyde3221d ago

I think PlayStation has always had the best balance for third and first party support. Personally, I enjoyed the N64 (and still do from time to time) more than the PS1. Both great consoles, but I was much more about gaming with buddies. PS2 was an absolutely amazing console. I can agree on that, thanks mostly to its games lineup. Sadly I did find PS3 to have better offerings for first party overall, but Nintendo's multiplayer games had me revisiting quite often. But also, Nintendo does have some overlooked games that were phenomenal (Pandora's Tower, Xenoblade, and The Last Story to name a few). All very memorable games.

Honestly, I really want the PS4 to succeed this generation, but if I really had to care about sales and adoption rates, I hope Nintendo comes in second. Microsoft really doesn't need the revenue from the gaming industry like Sony and Nintendo do. That aside, if Sony and Nintendo fail, the original online vision for the XBOX One might actually become a thing for the next XBOX and without any well-known competition, you can count on Microsoft laughing all the way to the bank. Nothing against XBOX. It's a great console, but Microsoft is not a company I can say I like very much.

We will see how this all plays out going forward.

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nosferatuzodd3222d ago

george im going to give you something special.. the nelson laugh

gman_moose3221d ago

"I bought the original Xbox partly because, in my mind, the PS2′s enormous success killed my beloved Dreamcast, and I wanted to exact some revenge, and at the time it seemed that Microsoft wanted to continue where the Dreamcast left off."

OMFG I was right all along. THIS is why MS fanboys exist... former Sega fans who are butthurt that PS2 obliterated their precious Dreamcast. Well, at least it was one person's reasoning anyway. ;)

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reaperofsouls3222d ago (Edited 3222d ago )

The xbone has been a monumental disaster with a catalog of F**K ups longer than an elephants dick so lets list them: Always online,DRM, Dom mattrick PR antics, 180 u-turn, Mandatory kinect, 720p vs ps4 1080p, The price, geologically long install time, under powered, too big , massive power brick, everything behind a paywall, Micro-transactions....

DigitalRaptor3222d ago (Edited 3222d ago )

You summed it up pretty well there dude, but you also missed out Larry's "can't flip the switch" moment, Penello's desperation PR spin posts on NeoGaf, and Adam Orth's "#dealwithit".

Perhaps even the true reason behind an always-listening Kinect is worth a mention:

The biggest failure of all was building a multimedia box that ALSO plays games. It's affected it in the medium-term, and unless the secret sauce comes up trumps, it's a long-term disaster that they probably never saw coming.

Regarding the games, they may have had more launch games, but those were all rushed to release on Nov 22nd, and all needed a lot more development time based on the final products minus the manufactured hype. At least, they're looking at turning things around best they can.

Ritsujun3222d ago

Don't ever give up, MS!!!!!!

Yi-Long3222d ago

Microsoft's biggest failure came years before.

I was a HUGE fan of both the original Xbox and the 360, both outstanding consoles.

However, a few years ago MS decided to shift focus from concentrating on the 360 as a console with great original cool 'core' games, and instead switched to focussing on Kinect, dashboard-apps, and ruining their exclusives with excessive 'greed' through DLC-milking (Gears, Forza, etc).

THAT's when they lost me! Prior to the XBO announcement (which was terrible because of all the restrictions and customer-unfriendly tactics and 'TV TV TV TV TV' and mandatory Kinect 2.0 and such that were touted as 'the future', while I'm just interested in buying a console for GAMING first), they already had 3 terrible E3 presentations in 2010, 2011, and 2012.

Don't get me wrong, I still play and love my 360 (mostly because of a great backlog, including many amazing XBLA games), but after those last few years, with the direction MS decided upon, they already lost me.

For me, as a gamer, there's absolutely no reason right now to consider buying an XBO. Normally, the 'exclusives' would pull consumers in, but the Fable series has never lived up to it's full potential, and the fantastic Forza games have, for me, been completely ruined because of all the DLC-greed...

MasterCornholio3222d ago

I can understand the company making a mistake or two. The firm is run by human beings so mistakes are inevitable. But Microsoft made a ton of mistakes with the XB1 which is something that I dont understand. You would think that if the firm took the industry extremely seriously there would be less of them. Microsoft has the resources and human capital to accomplish that.

AngelicIceDiamond3222d ago

DRM is starting to sound like an excuse since everyone constantly uses that support their one and only argument.

That would be like saying someone doesn't trust PSN because it got hacked. I mean, Come on, that's ridiculous .

Its part of MS list of screw ups, in fact its the biggest one. But everyone wants to focus on the negative (back then) and the not the growing positivity (present).

At the moment I dunno if a 400$ price will make it sell like hotcakes alone. They need great line up of games and new compelling Ip's that are must have's and have that "Halo" kind of hype behind it.
Plus more and more support for the smaller guys. MS needs games from all shapes and sizes.

On top of making sure people understand that once and for all X1 is a definite games console that has Tv, apps, media etc as secondary and NOT the main focus like some other former lead Xbox guy.

The message needs to be crystal clear and the X1 needs to be crystal clear. No more confusion or backtracking.

Because honestly that back tracking is what's hurting MS right now as a whole. People wanna know wtf the X1 is, and what aspect of the console will be focused on the most.

Now that gaming is the aspect that we wanted all along from the One. MS needs to stick to it.


beebap3222d ago

AngelicIce drm is not excuse to bash microsoft it is sensible grievance as it was microsoft decision to introduce these measures 24 hr check in, no sales of second hand games except when you pay them a fee.The fact is that they wanted to control the second hand market and use of your games. This is what microsoft do try to control the market.In fact they still dont seem that sorry about it, as any respond talks about how they could have explained it better, not how they should never consider it as family sharing was nothing like people hoped it was play for hour then pay.Sure in future we are going to be more digital so options will need to be looked at but this was not way as there are far better solutions. Also some peopke still go on about psn hack which you mention.It was a serious attack from skilled group,software always open to hacks so when this happened sony done the best thing and overhauled their system with better security. Microsoft has been hacked too they just hid it better.

Bennibop3222d ago

The install times on x1 drive me around the bend it is so irritating and not a big fan of the UI (Metro style)

Why o why3221d ago

Well said beebap.

I had an analogy about catching your just before she was about to do something and her intentions being paramount even though she didn't actually do it...... but I couldn't word it eloquently enough.....please fill in the gaps for us and you'll get my point... cheers

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Matt6663222d ago

the whole 1080 Vs 720p thing never bothers me in fact most of the things you listed don't bother me. Do you know why, because I enjoy the exclusive games on both consoles.

Matt6663221d ago

Oh look the fanboys disagreed with me while the true gamers know what I talking about and agreed with me. Furthermore fanboys make me laugh, a few years ago they would of been supporting the Xbox 360 and hating on the PS3 now they jumped ship. That called being hypocritical.

Chevalier3220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

Hypocritical? How has MS supported gaming? Please come up with how the last 3 years without games on 360 was supporting fans? Sorry PS3 support during that time was and still is fantastic. Whereas MS fans talk about amazing amount of exclusives when there are a handful only and conveniently forget 3 years dry spell. If you guys weren't hypocrites you guys suggesting exclusives as your reason to own xbone then why not just get a PS3? But it's okay you'll just make up more excuses? Your reasoning for jumping ship isn't even a reason. Yeah, your a true gamer alright.

Matt6663219d ago

@Chevalier so jumping ship from supporting Microsoft Xbox 360 to Sony's PS4 isn't hypocritical. Mmm if you say so it be like saying I going to support the winning team this year then who ever wins next year I going to support them all because there the most popular. I never jumped ship if you actually read what I put because I own both Microsoft's Xbox 360, Xbox One and I own Sony's PS3 and PS4 so if that isn't a gamer I don't know what is.

Alsybub3221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )


Kinda like PS3. We all know how that turned out.

iceman063221d ago

Not really the same. The same arrogance? Yes! But, the two companies are not in the same boat. The PS3 suffered from a large price tag and an extremely "alien" architecture. The E3 presentation did them no favors. However, that was about it. It turned out the way that it did because, luckily for Playstation, they didn't abandon their first parties. So, they had content that could prove what they were saying about the console's power. MS primarily relies on 2nd and 3rd parties to trumpet their excellence. But, this time, they don't have the sales lead, or ease of development as of yet, to get 3rd parties to run to them. Things might change, as you hinted, but right now this is where we are.

randomass1713221d ago

The Xbox One can recover, but it most certainly will not overtake PS4. That ship sank long ago when they created their own PR disaster over the DRM restrictions.

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cyber_daemonx3222d ago

Another convert lol. PS4 wins pretty much hands down tbh.

bumnut3222d ago

Still lacking games though, only a fanboy would deny that.

cyber_daemonx3222d ago

But of course your not a fanboy, stupid argument. Neither PS4 or xbone has a massive library at the moment.

So now Titanfail has been and gone what now ? Come back in a couple of years and say that. PS4 will kick xbones ass in the long run.

You're just salty cos the guy don't want an xbone lol.

ltachiUchiha3222d ago

U still using that same BS excuse since the ps3 launch. U remember how it ended right? I just find it funny u can use that same BS line when we all said it is a marathon & the ps3 has been dishing out exclusives left & right for the last few years while core 360 owners been getting kinect crap & the same exclusive sequels & now the ps4 is outselling the XB1 by a large margine which increases every week world wide, u same ppl are saying its a marathon now lol. Dude u guys need to make up your brainwashed minds lol.

avengers19783222d ago

Currently more games to play on PS4 than XB1, and take a look at what's coming out the rest of the year for both consoles, PS4 way ahead... Unless you only count 60$ full retail "AAA" games, as games.

bumnut3222d ago

"Come back in few years and say that"
I live in the present.

Why even mention titanfall? I think its the most overhyped game this year.

Looks like I hit a nerve saying ps4 is lacking games, so there is some truth in my statement. Everyone I know who owns both consoles only play on one............. and it isn't ps4.

Cue lots of disagrees and vanishing bubbles

Flutterby3221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

Funny how every xbone fanboy says that every one they know owns both consoles yet only plays the xbone, but there are nearly double the amount of ps4s out there in the world with people playing them daily. Here is some facts for you trollnut the ps4 has the most users, the ps4 has the most games, the ps4 has the better performing multiplats 100 percent of the time, the ps4 has the best looking exclusive so far and it is also the most powerful console ever made. Maybe get back to us when the xbone does anything better than the ps4 in gaming besides having the most low rated flops.

P.s I have both consoles because I am a manager at EBgames I got them for free and I don't use the xbone at all.

Grave3221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

You're kidding yourself if you think the PS4 doesn't have games. It might not have games you want to play, but that's a subjective argument. Trying to say it outright makes you sound like a fanboy there bub.

badz1493221d ago


You saying that the PS4 has no games is equal to me saying that no one is buying the xbone just because I don't buy one. But guess what, the world doesn't revolve just around you and me.

The bigger picture says that the PS4 is outselling the Xbone almost 2:1 worldwide and that is all the fact that you need to know right now!

jkendrick3221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )


What, is this your first generation of gaming? Please stop with the "no games" talk. Yes, you have your updated 360 games now, but what will you have later on? This is the same thing you x bots were saying the last generation. Better first party games coming out along with the best multiplatform games, PlayStation 4 is the must have console.

Chevalier3220d ago

Yeah lack of games from a MS fan no less. The irony is 3 years of no support for 360 and now you get a handful of exclusives must seem like it's raining exclusives. PS3 had more exclusives and PS4 will continue that. Please continue to grasp at straws cause it won't last long. Don't forget 360 had exclusives to start and how PS3 just kills in quantity and quality exclusives.

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Dfooster3222d ago

I always find its best in the long run to convert to the best available console in each generation and don't end up with a lame duck through blind brand loyalty. First half of last gen was microsofts then I switched to PS3 to play the brilliant exclusives and I'm 100% certain I'm going for the PS4 when the good games start coming out.

Alsybub3221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

I'll generally buy the console that appeals to me at launch and then when something comes out on a competitor platform, that I want to play, I'll then buy it.

Right now it's Xbox One - I like Forza and Titanfall, so shoot me - but when a killer app comes out on PS4 - I don't like Infamous, it's my preference - I'll be buying one. Games that aren't out yet don't count.

jhoward5853222d ago


We know a good deal when we see one. X1 is not a good bargain, maybe later.