DirectX 12 "Won't Have Any Effect" on Umbra's Occlusion Culling Tech, "Faster CPUs Help"

"If you didn't know already, Umbra Software is a middleware company that specializes in providing occlusion culling solutions for video game developers. Their solutions have been utilized to speed up rendering for scenes in video games, with occlusion culling deciding which objects to render based on their visibility to the player."

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Am-No-Hero1868d ago

" thus allowing for increased efficiency in performance rather than physically changing the CPU/GPU speed in any way "

i thought so ..

darthv721868d ago

it isnt like they actually are going to "double" the speed but the optimizing would be like unlocking the cpu's real potential because it will balance things more efficiently across its multiple cores. I fully expect the same from the ps4 because they too use the same style of cpu.

Now as far as this occlusion culling goes, it seems very similar to the way the PowerVR used tile based rendering for the PC and dreamcast. Render what you see not what you dont see and it improves the speed and efficiency of what is being displayed.

jhoward5851868d ago


Thank you darthv72.

KEY word guys "Balance"

jhoward5851868d ago (Edited 1868d ago )


Remember. at the last demo MS showed us about DX12 ...they said can get 50% more CPU speed by diving the work load between the cores.

2cent the link you provided below means the same things.
2x more translate in to more speed.

With efficacy: you won't get much speed out of the x1. it just means everything will work better run smoothly.

============================= ======
Edit: here is the twitter link just in case you doubt what I'm saying.

jhoward5851868d ago (Edited 1868d ago )


I can admit when I'm wrong. I used the wrong words. Its sates that DX12 can reduced(not speed) Utilization.

I'm man of enough to admit that.

By I highly doubt MS can reduced The CPU Utilization by 50%. maybe like 15-25%, but not 50%. I'm sure we will see in time what the x1 is really capable of.

Eonjay1868d ago

These are all overdue and good things. Also, Because it only supports features present on CPU and GPUs for years, the benefit to graphics is more like lifting restrictions brought on by an outdated API.

Microsoft has held back PC gaming for so long. Now with DX12 developers will be able to use Direct X to actually address the hardware on the market today, which has outgrown usefulness of Direct X 11.

GameNameFame1868d ago

The double claim was for PC.

They specifically called out PC on MS slide and used PC CPU as example.

Benefit was mainly PC getting what X1 and consoles have. Not otherway around...

Ittoryu1868d ago

@Darth not same style its the same cpu the total apu is different but the cpus are both octa AMD Jaguar chips.

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corvusmd1868d ago

You should have thought so, that's what they said in the just makes it more efficient, doesn't physically change the speed. Not sure why this is a surprise, no one has actually said any different. They've said things like "essentially" and more efficient, but nothing else as far as I know. As far as this specific middle ware goes, past providing more efficient CPU usage (faster processing), DX12 doesn't change this middleware at all...uh, ok.

jhoward5851868d ago (Edited 1868d ago )

In case you didn't know MS hasn't been consistence. First they said DX12 would provide more efficiency to the x1's CPU. Then weeks later they said they can double the X1's CPU speed. which is which?

Am-No-Hero1868d ago

Yeah i know all that but i saw some people saying that DX12 will make the " hardware " more powerful and make and make and make blah blah blah ..

the hardware can't be change its over .. maybe little improvments and make the software better ..

so yeah i thought so

2cents1868d ago (Edited 1868d ago )


In case you didn't know...

Microsoft never said that the x1 cpu would double in speed it was the CEO of Stardock Brad Wardell.

Edit: here is the twitter link just in case you doubt what I'm saying.

christocolus1868d ago (Edited 1868d ago )


Lol..Pls show me where MS stated that by providing a link.. its also funny that you accuse MS of this cos the truth is AMD, Nvidia and Intel have actually been a lot more vocal about dx12 than even MS.

Brad wardell and a few others have made some bold claims about the api too yet i keep seeing a lot of gamers here accusing MS of stuff they have'nt said or done...if only people would take their time and read these articles properly.

I also tried reaching out to Brad regarding his comments but he says he is bound by an NDA.

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UnbiasedOpinions1868d ago

DirectX, OpenGL whatever, if it makes my games better im all for it!

randomass1711868d ago

Agreed. Technological innovation is always a good thing. :)

xx4xx1868d ago

Agree. It won't make the games worse. :)

Since I don't care about '2x this' or '4 cores of that', I am eagerly awaiting any of the impacts this will provide.

Belasco1868d ago

Why in gods name would anyone think that it would do that anyway? Your statement is silly.

Lawboy21868d ago (Edited 1868d ago )

U relize u are quoting the author...not a dev....or microsoft

@ j Howard

Did u read the article...the dev never said any of this...they actually say they have never even looked at dx 12...we still don't know what dx 12 will do

2cents1868d ago


Yes, I watched the whole presentation and they specifically mentioned the cpu gains for the pc. At no point did they say the xbox 1 would also get the same increase, but they did state there would be benefits across the windows family.

as christocolus said, many industry people have been barking about dx12 but MS have yet to clarify any specific gains to the xbox platform.

I'm only trying to keep the facts in check and avoid unnecessary arguing about stupid sh1t.

honestly though, it would be great if the x1 has the same gains but we will have to wait quite a while before dx12 is flexing its muscles properly ob the platform.

peace dude

Hicken1868d ago

That's just it: the XB1 CAN'T have the same gains. The fact that much of the improvement on PC is based on coding getting closer to the metal, like Mantle, means that no console could see the same level of performance gains.

This is still a big deal because people hear the bits and pieces that Microsoft or certain devs say and they run with it. Microsoft didn't claim 2X performance increase, but that didn't stop quite a few people here- and please believe, elsewhere, as well- from believing that to be true.

ALLWRONG1868d ago

Why is there so much fear from the Sony people over DX?

Could this be the reason?

1. DX
2. Open GL
3. everything else

Kayant1868d ago


Well said. It still makes me wonder why people are trying to connect dots that are not there. MS have not specifically said how DX12 will affect XB1 compared what they have said and shown(graphs)that could come to PC.

All they have said is that it will have an effect what that effect is no one knows.

headblackman1868d ago

ok. i believe that microsoft,amd,nvidia,and intel are telling the truth about what the dx12 is capable of, but whats rather odd to me is how people are spinning this as if they are using some type of word play. i wished people wasn't so hypocritical and examined sony the same way. they sold 6million units and allegedly won e3 with a bunch of word play, but microsoft gets all of the flack for telling you what the system is capable of and are showing you in real time events what is possible and sony just told you what the ps4 was on paper, but have yet to show a game that shows the power and potential of this gddr5 and whatever else they claimed to make this system 50% more powerful (even if sony didn't say it themselves, they didn't clear up the claims. they just let them ride and circulate. which makes them just as guilty as if they had said it themselves. they should've cleared it up fast just like the light of death and the hdmi issue)

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Illusive_Man1868d ago

Nobody said DX12 would magically alter the hardware. What it does is make the hardware more efficient, so that the hardware can get closer to theoretical performance.

Bigpappy1868d ago

This whole changing hardware thing came from the same people who are now claiming M$ said it. They claim DX12 wouldn't change hardware as if anyone ever said it would .

DX12 is about increasing performance without changing hardware.

Lawboy21868d ago (Edited 1868d ago )

We haven’t really looked at DX12, but no, it won’t have any effect on our tech. Faster CPU’s help,” an Umbra representative said to GamingBolt.

I'm lost...this is they have never looked at dx 12...but there seems they are saying whatever dx 12 is it won't have any effect on their trchnology

@ belasco

I think so to...this is not a dev who has worked on dx 12....they are just saying that whatever dx 12 is it won't have an effect....also that faster CPU will help their tech....

The author then goes on to give his own opinion...but it is stated as a fact which will lead most ppl to believe that the dev. Said these things...which is not so

Belasco1868d ago

Then this article and his statement are pointless. I believe it's a backhanded attempt to yet again marginalize directx 12.

Dlacy13g1868d ago

It's hard to take their word as fact when they themselves are saying they haven't really looked at DX12.

That said, I think they are trying to position themselves as a solution that will not need something like DX12 for it to be effective and do what it is already doing well. In other words can buy our solution now and it will work the same today as it works tomorrow... or when DX12 releases.

Lawboy21868d ago

They actually didn't say but one sentence in the entire article.....the one that I quoted...the rest is the author piecing different things together and stating his opinion...which is very misleading

Belasco1868d ago

That's just it, a faster CPU helps in any case.

johny51868d ago ShowReplies(1)
BG115791868d ago

Ok, so they are implementing a technique that as being used since Mario 64 for N64...
That's the secret weapon for a better CPU use?!?!? OMG!!!

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