Top 5 music games

Stuff.tv makes a list of their top 5 music games and why they love them.

Presentist5600d ago

Awful list, awful site.

Where's REZ and Gitaroo Man?!?!

Montrealien5600d ago

REZ, Freqeuncy, Amplitude, any beamani games. This should be , best of the last year...and I think there where about five, lol

Presentist5600d ago (Edited 5600d ago )

Bubbles for that, aren't 2 of these titles not even out yet? Oh wait, nevermind only 1 isn't out yet.

Also, battle of the bands...seriously? That game is not only the worst music games ever made, but one of the stupidest titles currently available on any console.

These people don't know s**t and should be stripped of their right to have an opinion. I'll give them the benefit of the doubt that they meant to write "top 5 music games of this and last year" but even then, where's the spot for REZ HD? Was it too original for some people or something?

Lord_Ash5599d ago

Yeah I agree the list sucks, where is Bust a Groove, where is Parappa the Rapper but I agree that PataPon is one of the best.

G4drake5599d ago

man, they only put recent games.

wheres the other ones


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Jin_Sakai6h ago

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mastershredder5h ago

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