20 of the most sexist ads in gaming history

Funstock take us back to a time when no one cared less about how overtly sexist their game advertising was.

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Patashnik1866d ago

*phones Anita Sarkeesian*

(but secretly thinks they're awesome)

randomass1711866d ago

Bleh. Sexualizing women (and men) is not anti-gender. It's just part of society. Movies and TV do it with both sexes all of the time.

NarooN1866d ago

Yeah, it may be ludicrous at times, but it's not sexist. We see just as many buffed-up wonder boys with no shirts on just as much as we see hot chicks clad in bikinis made out of dental floss. It's a two-way street, really.

Septic1866d ago

Lmao! Most of those are downright ludicrous! I feel like I need to clear my browsing history now.

DaveyB1866d ago

Yes, I like to call them... 'the good old days'.

Just kidding...

...OR AM I! ^_^

thejigisup1866d ago

We should hyper sexualize ALL video games.

randomass1711866d ago

Hire Sakamoto, the director Of Metroid Other M. He's got you covered!