Visit these real cities by playing a video game

Video games often show bloody scenes of rampant carnage, speeding racecars on professional tracks, and cartoon-like plumbers jumping off platforms. Yet, in a few cases, games take place in real cities like New York and Seattle. Because the new Sony PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Xbox One console systems have such fine fidelity when it comes to graphics, you can now visit these cities in a virtual environment -- and believe you are really there.

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GhostTurtle1864d ago (Edited 1864d ago )

Not trying to troll but what a terrible list. You got a couple of games that aren't even out yet. Why are sports games on this list?

Just realized its Fox News. Props for attempting to make an constructive article on videogames instead of knocking them I guess.

Skate-AK1861d ago

That's what's going to be cool about The Crew. You can visit any major city.