A Sin Utterly Redeemed- Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls Review [Pixel Gate]

Sean Halliday of Pixel Gate writes:

''Diablo 3, or at least the PC version of the game, was almost universally considered a disappointment when it initially released back in 2012. The final version of the game felt undercooked and rather rushed, mainly due to the sheer lack of direction the game suffered from once the titular Diablo had been slain. It’s taken nearly two years since then, but Diablo 3 is no longer what it was, and Reaper of Souls is the mark of Diablo‘s full rebirth.

Reaper of Souls instantly feels more canon-related to Diablo stories of old, which is something the third entry didn’t do all that well. The Archangel Malthael has cast aside his old ways and adopted the mantel of the Angel of Death, with the aim to burn through the mortal world. Enter franchise-familiar Tyrael (now in his human form) and the player-controlled Nephalem; only they stand between Death and the destruction of new location Westmarch.''

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