PC Gaming and VR Share 'Same' Challenges - Oculus Founder

VRFocus - Palmer Luckey, founder of Oculus VR has said that virtual reality (VR) technology shares 'most' of the same challenges as PC gaming does in the future. Luckey said as much during a panel on PC gaming at PAX East in Boston, Massachusetts last weekend. His comments followed a discussion on the challenges that PC gaming faces going forward with Nvidia's Tom Petersen, Cloud Imperium Games' Chris Roberts and Sony Online Entertainment's Matt Higby, stating that inconsistent and fragmented hardware posed an issue.

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bienio1866d ago

Good!! Pc is a future;)

randomass1711866d ago

More like gaming is the future. PCs and consoles are not going away anytime soon.

ATi_Elite1866d ago

Multiple configurations and a couple "Interchangeable standards" is how I view the PC so therefore VR should follow this model.

The more you make your hardware accessible the more people will come up with bright ideas for it and find your hardware appealing to their custom needs