Massive talks about how the 'Watch Dogs' delay helped 'The Division'

Massive's Managing Director David Polfeldt talked about how Ubisoft handled the Watch Dogs delay is really encouraging for them as they develop The Division.

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Meltic1862d ago

Sounds good. Meaby it will release in time then.

shivvy241862d ago

remember watching this reveal gameplay last e3, one of the few next gen games to wow me

UnbiasedOpinions1862d ago

if the Division is downgraded, im gonna pop off on the Ubisoft, they better get Ubihard because they will have to deal with me! that snowdrop engine better deliver Ubisoft

AnEwGuY1862d ago

So what you're saying is, you like 'em hard? (◑_◑)

UnbiasedOpinions1862d ago

What im saying is they better get hard when i come around!!!


blackout1862d ago

Why? There are soooo many elements in this game to make it game of the year. Visuals are awesome, but SH!T guys this gen is about making things bigger on all scales not just graphic's. This is the game that opened my eyes most of all games announced at E3 last year. I'm expecting BIG things from this game. Check the website out, with what there trying to accomplish The Division and Destiny could be the game changers everyone is looking for. Play the game not VISUAL.

Dynasty20211862d ago

You better get ready to deal with Ubisoft then.

100% guarantee it will be downgraded, and look best on PC.

AnEwGuY1862d ago

If nothing else, they hopefully learned not to BS gamers, and misrepresent their game.

USMC431862d ago

What a BS article. Why can't Examiner just ask them if the goddamn game is delayed? Why do they have to put up this puff piece bullshit? I mean, obviously from what this guy is saying, sounds like it will be delayed. So be a man and confirm it's delayed!!!

And acting like, "Oh it takes so much courage to bite the bullet and eat the cost to delay!" Um you're the idiots announcing the release date which you're probably 85% sure you can't hit. I'm so sick of these clowns announcing a game that looks amazing then pushing it. It's all for the shareholders and were all playing right into their pockets. They know how to build the hype so far this gen. The generation of "delays"!!!

F&$k You Ubisoft!!

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