The Humble Weekly Bundle: Do Not Support PewDiePie, Support the Charity.

It appears that the Humble Indie Bundle people have brought back PewDiePie (Felix Kjellberg) to host the most recent weekly bundle, which goes to support Save the Children. Felix utilises his astonishing 25 million subscriber base to try bring in crazy figures and sales, all of which goes to the charity.

There’s just one problem: that being Felix himself.

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Eonjay1864d ago (Edited 1864d ago )

If he is raising money for charity, I think its great.

Someone having Pewdiepie envy?

Matt6661864d ago

I can't stand pewdiepie he just screams all the time

Eonjay1864d ago

Agreed but the cause is the greater good. I know about the bundle so I will head straight to steam. Many more people will discover the charity, and Steam's awesome deals through Felix. So Its about the greater good. We don't need to be told not to support people.

Killa781864d ago

He ruined the last of us! Cannot be forgiven for that!

randomass1711864d ago

I don't like Pewdiepie either, but it IS charity. Gotta give him credit for that.

Qrphe1863d ago

There are far more accomplished invidiuals to spend envy on than pewdiepir.

Yodagamer1864d ago

Facepalm. He might have made a dumb joke, but name one of us who hasn't in our lives? that being said he's using his 25 million fanbase to help people, so what? Or would people rather him be like the dozens of famous people who don't help people.

MoveTheGlow1864d ago (Edited 1864d ago )

Using that fanbase to help people is absolutely fine. It's a great thing to do.

The jokes didn't make him a "bad person." We all make mistakes. It's also tougher to discuss independent vlogger ethics due to the fact that their product wasn't initially set out to cast such a wide net- people just caught on.

Still, the argument's a little messy, Yoda. If I make a dumb joke, and I've hurt a friend by making it, I'm not going to say "I'm sorry for hurting you, even though all these other people thought it was fine." I'm going to say "I'm sorry for hurting you," and I won't joke that way again, because I want to include that friend. As a popular figure, people get a bit more anonymous, and you might think that the only people you offended were vocal non-viewers. You'd be wrong - a ton of passive viewers may have passed you over due to your BS *response* to a joke you made. It's the Penny Arcade effect, really.

The thing to do is just apologize and learn. It won't "sanitize" the or make the show "politically correct." It would have allowed Pewdie to be entertaining while including traumatized victims of abuse as part of the audience. If you can't be funny without isolating victims of abuse, you're not funny.

randomass1711864d ago

I think you're talking about the rape jokes Pewdiepie used to make. Didn't he apologize for all of that and stop doing that?

MoveTheGlow1864d ago

Check the article - it's the apology the writer has an issue with.

UnbiasedOpinions1864d ago

i strongly dislike pewdiepie, not because of his success, i just dont enjoy his content as an adult gamer, but if he is doing charity then i respect that

Globox20121864d ago

Someone clearly doesn't like Pewdiepie much...

Regardless, like Yodagamer said above, he is helping getting awareness with his fanbase. Plus the fact none of the money goes to him, just to Developers, Charities and Humble Bundle.

LAWSON721864d ago (Edited 1864d ago )

So if a guy says a rape joke, he is a bad person. If he gives to charity he does much more than alot of people who make stupid articles like this. Odds are this charity thing will raise over $100,000 for charity, how much have you raised? Whether it be to look good or not that money goes to saving children, so why does it matter?

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