You Should Have Played... The Wolf Among Us

The Wolf Among Us is based in the Fables universe, set up by a series of comics by Vertigo/DC. In this universe, the “Fables” are famous characters from folklore, and they have all fled their own world to come and stay in New York.

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CanofGaming1868d ago

I'd just like to know how well the Vita version performs and then I might pick it up on the handheld. It sounds like it'd be good.

DFogz1868d ago

I'm waiting until the rest of it comes out.

Can't stand waiting 2-3 months between each episode

Clown_Syndr0me1867d ago

Played the first episode, didn't like it.
I'm not huge fan of this kind of game, I think I only liked The Walking Dead as I'm a big fan of the comic and the ggame felt as though it was expanding on that universe which is always welcome.