Star Citizen Will have spying, hacking, even space mutiny

"You don't need to be a Slab Bulkhead to understand how amazing - and possibly game breaking - this is."

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ATi_Elite1866d ago

sounds good but will it have mentally unstable people performing kidnappings like in Dayz. lol

OMG the Dayz kidnapping videos are hilarious.

spying and space mutiny are welcomed shades of Eve Online. that's just some next level Gaming right there.

Drithe1866d ago

I just want to blast and blow stuffz up. Then look at hawt alien boobies.

MysticStrummer1866d ago

Yes but will there be upgradeable towels?

bccpriv1866d ago

we have already towels in the game !
and i bet we can upgrade it sooner or later too some intelligent forme of drug addict towels :)

Spore_7771866d ago

Super excited about this! I wonder if I can ride in space mechs... You know, to play catch using asteroids.

modesign1866d ago

how about a release date.

aliengmr1866d ago

About 2 years is what I've heard. Pieces are going to be released over time until its complete.

duplissi1865d ago

They are targetting summer next year.

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