Is The Last Of Us Remastered PS4 Version Worthy of 60$ Or Is It Just Another HD Pack.

Naughty Dog said they will be targeting to achieve 60fps and 1920x1080p resolution on the PlayStation 4 compared to the 720p and 30fps version of the PS3. They have also reworked the models of the characters as well as improved the texture quality and added additional textures into the games as well. So it’s not like a software upgrade of the game but they have actually reworked the game from scratch

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SpinalRemains1381864d ago

Obviously if you've already played the game through then its not worth $60, but for those who haven't yet had the privilege to play this game, it is worth $60.

Old_Prodigy1864d ago

Even if you've played this game it's totally worth 60$, it's not only remastered but it comes with all the dlc included with it.

vishmarx1864d ago

there needs to be an upgrade for ps3 ver owners.
i wanna buy it badly but im not shelling nother $60 so soon

MurDocINC1864d ago

I don't buy the remastered BS, I'm sure ND had PS4 on hand when developing tlou and they developed on both consoles.

Yodagamer1864d ago

If you already have the game you could just get the dlc pass for $20. So you could easily save $40 if you already have it if you're interested in the dlc. So some people will be expecting an improvement worth $40 if they already have the ps3 version.

UnbiasedOpinions1864d ago

its worth it to whoever wants to pay for it

shivvy241864d ago

retailers are selling this game in the $40's , now add the dlc costs etc its another $20! So it pretty much costs the same as the ps3 version but includes the extra content that would cost another $20

amiga-man1864d ago

I wonder if this could be being lined up as a PS+ release? it is one of the real gems of last gen and I am happy to see this game on the PS4 great game for anyone who missed it first time.

hollabox1864d ago

I agree, I would pay $60 again for the better version with DLC I have not play yet for one of the best games last gen. I just don't get all the hate some websites come out with regarding The Last of Us being remade. If Metal Gear, Final Fantasy can get remake without hack writers complaining why not The Last Of Us?

darthv721864d ago

i guess where many feel its a money grab is that its basically the same game as the Ps3 version with updated graphics and frame rate. it isnt the same kind of HD remake as say the Ratchet collection or the God of war collection. those two examples were not just remastering of the original but also compilations that included multiple games on the same disc.

i hate to make this analogy but the Ps4 version of TLoU is more akin with the 32x version of night Trap or corpse Killer as compared to the Sega CD versions. Improved visuals but still the same game. Now for those who didnt play the original and have a Ps4 then by all means it will be new to them.

what is most interesting is why didnt sony make this version upgradeable from the PS3 disc like Activision did with COD? you pop in the original disc for verification and then download the updated version for a cheap upgrade fee. Even $30 isnt that outrageous.

Had sony just added PS3 compatibility then the idea of remastering an already highly regarded game would not be in question and Naughty dog could be working on something even bigger. Like the sequel.

SpinalRemains1381863d ago

Disagreed 100%

Part of the initial cost is newness and the fresh experience.

I finished this game months ago, and no matter how awesome it looks it isn't worth 60 because not only do I know what's going to happen, I have already seen it happen.

30 bucks tops for a replay, and that's generous.

Old_Prodigy1862d ago (Edited 1862d ago )

Be grateful it's not more, they're still selling the PS3 version for 60$ no dlc, no 1080p, no 60fps. For those of you who've already played, don't complain because it's your choice to buy it or not. If you don't want to pay full price for the upgraded version of the same game, then wait for a price drop.

@SpinalRemains138 It's simple then, don't buy the game. Don't get me wrong when I say this because you're definitely welcome to pointlessly stating why you wont be purchasing this remastered version, but doing so isn't going to change anything. You've not only wasted my time, but also your own, which is really unfortunate. :'( Just saying...

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Eonjay1864d ago (Edited 1864d ago )


showtimefolks1864d ago

when tomb raider can out on ps4 and xbox one many on this site were defending the $60 price point. Now TLOU is coming out and i believe a lot of people are complaining because its an exclusive

even though TLOU is giving you the single player DLC too. So Left behind is $14, meaning the actual game is $45

bottom line is you can wait a bit than buy it or you can buy it at launch. Also i believe this targets those gamers that didn't have a ps3 so now they get to play an amazing game

UnHoly_One1864d ago

I remember it the other way around.

The majority of the people on here were complaining about Tomb Raider being full price and they were vowing not to buy it.

OrangePowerz1864d ago

I have the same stance on TLoU as I had on Tomb Raider (that I bought because I didn't get it last year). If people didn't play it yet it is worth it. For people like me who already completed it probably not. I will wait for gameplay footage before I make up my mind.

Ggame1864d ago

Yes. I haven't played this game yet and I do think it's worth this price tag as its high-quality game of last gen being transited to the current gen.

jocomat91864d ago

Ive given my reason to why I can't wait for this game. Its worth it for me to repurchase. I also cannot wait for the 3rd DLC.

randomass1711864d ago

Yup, that's pretty much what it boils down to. Anyone who hasn't played it will probably have no issues jumping in, especially knowing they will be getting all of the extra content.

Jaces1864d ago (Edited 1864d ago )

Think they should make it a $10 upgrade for previous PS3 version owners and the full $60 for newcomers. Don't know how they'd implement that but that would work me. :D

aquamala1864d ago

obviously worth it to people that never played it, but those that already own it how about the option for $10 upgrade or transfer the season pass like BF4 AC4 and CodGhost? third party developers (that would have to pay PS4 licensing fees) can do it why not a damn first party developer?

ifistbrowni1864d ago (Edited 1864d ago )

i played/owned the game on ps3. I still think its worth $60, if only to support naughty dog.

TLOU is the greatest game i've ever played and one of the greatest stories i've ever experienced through entertainment.

I'd happily pay $60 for it again.

MeLoveRamen1864d ago

I have already platinum it, and i'm still buying it, if you go to any retail store the ps3 version still cost $50-$60 dollars and the dlc cost an extra $20 dollars so, the ps4 version is discounted, and you are getting one of the best games of last gen upgraded to 1080p and if they hit 60fps it will defiantly be worth it for the ultra smooth gamepay.

tuglu_pati1864d ago

$40-45 should be the price and a $10-15 for the one who already have it.

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ArbitorChief1864d ago

Worth $40 I reckon, not $60, so I'll wait for the price to drop as I already own and have beaten the game.

Eonjay1864d ago (Edited 1864d ago )

Agreed. One of the reasons people have stopped worring about the $60 price is two fold:

1. Its on PS3 and most have beaten it.
2. The game prices are dropping like crazy. Every single game that has been release for the new consoles get a discount in about 3-4 weeks max. So if you want to wait for a price drop, you wont be waiting long.

Sevir1864d ago

If it were just the full game then sure, but the game has had a $15 DLC as well as some paid Multiplayer DLC... The Remaster is all inclusive, Left Behind + The Multiplayer DLC + The Last of Us at 1080 60fps with 4x Texture bump and improved lighting and high resolution models...

If you own Everything on PS3 then fine this isn't for you, but right now the game sells for $40 with all the DLC including Left Behind it totals about $75
So for what you're getting enhancements and all its 100% justifiable and worth the cost of entry. I've beaten this game already on PS3, but I'm double dipping especially since I haven't purchased Left Behind, I'll trade my Copy of TR Difinitive Edition and the PS3 version of Last of Us to get the Remastered Last of Us. I can't wait to play this at 60 fps and 1080p with NaughtyDog's industry leading level of polish.

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