Mario Kart 8 Could Give the Wii U a Much Needed Boost

Nintendo Feed's Josh explores how Nintendo's upcoming release of Mario Kart 8 could just change Nintendo's fortunes in terms of the Wii U...

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GuruStarr781864d ago

Yeah, I'm actually going to get a Wii U instead of a PS4 simply because of MK8... I can't resist! I'll get a PS4/XBONE down the line when I can.. (Already got a PS3/Vita & 360)

I feel that we're going to see a strong showing from Nintendo at E3 this year (whether or not they actually show up or just do another Nintendo Direct). Nintendo knows they really need to "bring it" and I think there will be some great surprises in store for us Nintendo Supporters...

Concertoine1864d ago

Check out TW101, Zombi U, Monster Hunter 3 U and DKCTF when you get one! Theres a decent library on the system, a lot of people neglect it sadly.

Benjaminkno1864d ago

Uh, theres also 3D world, Tekken Tag, COD, Rayman Legends, Batman and every Wii game that ever came out. A lot of games are super cheap.

WiiU is the most underrated console in history.

randomass1711864d ago

I'm getting a Wii U before my PS4 or Vita because it's cheaper and just happens to have a few more games I really want to play and get out of the way. My hope is to get the PS4 right after. But I agree, MK8 is definitely the big pusher for this one. And then of course... Smash Bros.! :D

LOL_WUT1864d ago

Just pre ordered it over the weekend. I can't wait for it to be released! ;)

randomass1711864d ago

Nice to see you say something positive for a change. See you on the track. :)

Remag851864d ago

Iv got a ps4 and a gaming pc which i love but, i just picked up a wii u this weekend. I love it i grabbed zombie u and dk tropical freeze. DK is outstanding! I think the system is great so glad i bought it really pleased :-)

Benjaminkno1864d ago

Not "could", it will.

Though I will concede Nintendo deserves much of the criticism it's getting.

randomass1711864d ago

I think we're past that boat though. Nintendo took their lumps in the press, online and in sales. So now they need to make up by supporting Wii U with great content and giving people incentive to buy it. And create some excitement.

Benjaminkno1864d ago

They've been dragging their feet, and they're still paying for it. A lot of Nintendo's greatest games go unnoticed because they've neglected the online community. Metroid Prime 3 not selling a million at Wii's height is a good example.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1864d ago

You mean forever boost. Mario Kart has been in almost every Nintendo system Top 5 Software except GBA.

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