10 Remakes that Need to Make it to Next-Gen

Some games defined the previous era of gaming, however, with next-gen gaming dominating the world now, are these games going to be forgotten? This is a list of 10 games that need to be remade for next-gen. Please add a comment mentioning what games YOU think should make it.

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Massacred1861d ago

The reasoning for most of these titles makes little sense, almost all of them have been released within the past 2 years and are still widely available.

Resources would be better used making new IP or sequels to these.

TripleXuLtiMaTe1861d ago

Look at Tomb Raider, it was released last year and is the second top rated game on Xbox One's marketplace. Remakes need very little resources, and these games should be remade to provide the experience for owners of next-gen consoles. Newcomers to a certain series, like the Arkham series or the Assassin's creed series, would not get the chance to play the previous games or understand the story unless the previous parts are remade, or at least one bundle that includes them.

Jvaughn6611861d ago

They should remake Cod 4, that was my all time favorite game to play.

Jaqen_Hghar1861d ago

A man has to disagree with these. SKYRIM is the obvious choice as it suffered mightily with stuttering and resolution on last gen systems. The game would be mightily improved if it made the switch to next gen. GTA5 is another obvious choice. A man would think Mass Effect with its frame-rate drops and long load times would be a nice remake as well. Remakes like Beyond: Two Souls, God of War Ascension, and Puppeteer would be good just to help them turn a bigger profit (even though only Puppeteer took a loss out of those so far). Help expose people to these great games while filling in PS4's library.

TripleXuLtiMaTe1861d ago

I wanted to add Skyrim. However, I am pretty sure that Bethesda is already working on a bigger, better TES game, other than TESO. Mass Effect would actually make a great next-gen game, and same applies to your other suggestions!