PS4 Final Fantasy XIV Launches Now: Gets New Commercial and Trailer Showing Beautiful Graphics

Just five minutes ago Square Enix officially opened the floodgates of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn to PS4 users around the world, that can now purchase the digital download version of the game and redeem their product codes even if they didn’t pre-order.

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Agent_hitman1867d ago

Gonna buy a copy of this game.. :)

Abriael1867d ago

Get a PS3 version and do the upgrade, it's cheaper :D

Gamer19821867d ago

You have to launch game at least once on ps3 first though so only go for upgrade if you have a ps3 of course.

Eidolon1867d ago

Oh wow, thanks for the idea. So as long as I have a PS3, download the client on it and launch it for the first time ever, I can upgrade to the PS4 version? :D

PS3 version $25 right now on Amazon :)

EXVirtual1867d ago

I might actually pick this up when I get a PS4. I'll take you're advice and upgrade the PS3 version if I do end up purchasing the game.
It looks pretty awesome for an MMO. Imagine FF15!

SirBradders1867d ago

I've never been an mmo fan after playing a few but for some reason I'm hooked on this.

Fixay1867d ago

I was the same! Got as for as i possibly could in the Beta, just not sure I could pay the subscription tbh /:

SirBradders1867d ago

Give it a try for 180 it's around £35 that's not bad for the content. I thought of it like this I buy 1 or 2 games a month for £80 so it's worth it in my eyes.

illtornworld1867d ago

FFXIV is finally here. Just need money. The beta was really great.

HappyWithOneBubble1867d ago

Another game to boost PS4 greatness more.

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The story is too old to be commented.