Lots of New Gears of War 2 Multiplayer Details

New weapons, new maps, new multiplayer modes, new gameplay mechanics. Gears of War 2 sounds amazing!

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4501d ago
CViper4501d ago

Let them go on and on about how 5 vs 5 is epic, bigger, better, and more badass.. l o l...

Keeps them out of ps3 news.

Fishy Fingers4501d ago

There is new information in this article that was not in the other.

Perhaps you should check before you open your mouth.

Boldy4501d ago (Edited 4501d ago )

There was information in this one that was not in the other one so it's NOT a DUPLICATE story.

LenHart4501d ago (Edited 4501d ago )

It is a shame that someone is talking about just 10 player online when we will be having 60 player online on R2

seriously MS dont release GEARS2 during FALL. It will be ravaged by R2

MS this is not 2005 ...this is 2008.

by the time of R2's launch PS3 would have surpassed x360's WW base

just to let everyone know that Resistance 1 has reached 200,000 copies sold in JAPAN

thats right...JAPAN

It is over 3m copies worldwide.

can you even imagine what R2 sales would be like???

EPIC truely EPIC

poor MS ..releasing GEARS2 during the same time as R2/M2/LBP/Mass efffect PS3 and Bioshock PS3

power of Green 4501d ago (Edited 4501d ago )

Its not a duplicate story you have to read sh*t first before you try and block news.

CViper: This will keep 360 fans out of PS3 threads? lol. What huh?!...360 fans outnumber PS3 fans in PS3 threads? lol. Funny you should say that in a 360 thread while trolling lol.

Does anybody find that Nasim nut fucin strange? why does he make new accounts 2 times a month to repeatedly post that same sh*t thats in his comment above.

He's so fanatical his response to Fishyfingers schooling him" was to compare fragfest FPS type gameplay with 3rd person cover based tactical shooter gameplay and did not respond or even mention that he was wrong about the duplicate story.

EDIT: There's just something wrong with Nasim, AlexM, Tanod, or Shmee whatever his name is in any given week.

LenHart4501d ago (Edited 4501d ago )

The only x360 TARD at n4g is you with several FAKE accounts

you were caught many times with Fake accounts . One can google to find your IP

outnumber ps3 fans???

x360 has no fans except for a FEW TARDS like you with SEVERAL multiple accounts

360 fans have gone into hideout cuz they know their beloved CRAP BOX will be finished on June 12th

You stupid OLD man ........this is not NEOGAF ...this is N4G

EDIT :- there is something wrong with matt leydone aka MART aka POG aka Firstknight aka GiantCrab

CViper4501d ago (Edited 4501d ago )

I'm glad you see "XBOTS" applicable to all 360 owners, but I do not.

We are talking about xbots and fanboys here. Not just regular dual system owners such as myself.

You know damn well you are always banned from the open zone pretty much as soon as you open your mouth because you cant see the difference between gamers and xbots.. As your responses and your bubble count has proven.

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canadianpatriot4501d ago

Geow2 is shaping up to be another blockbuster title christmas cannot come fast enough

n00bPwner4501d ago

lmfao @ the hoards of braindead droids who honestly don't think Epic can do more than 5 v 5! LOL. wow, you droids are DUMB. then explain how they will do UT3 on 360 which will be even better than the turd PS3 version?


You're just scared of the beating Gears is going to deal, just like it did two years ago. get that lube ready, you butt-hurt n00bs.

LenHart4501d ago

It is because of technical limitations on X360

Anyway we dont care since we will play 60 player multi battles on PS3


RonDeMuerte4501d ago (Edited 4501d ago )

pffft!! hahahahaha!!! you actually believe the pieces of sh!t that roll out of your mouth??!!.......they only boosted (hahahaha) it from 4 v 5 v 5 in 2 years!!?? (yeah the only thing that's bigger, better, and more badass is my c*ck!!)...and the graphics look almost exactly like the original's...yes this is all very EPIC....they really live up to their name.....hahahaha the only thing I've seen is a 2 year old game that got some new extra downloadable content.....I love how 360 fanboys like to settle for less and act as if it were but seriously.....enjoy your hahahaha 5 v 5 "battles"......while we enjoy our 30 v 30 wars this fall.....

n00bPwner4500d ago

god damn, you are f*cking stupid.

go kill yourself now.

Ghoul4501d ago (Edited 4501d ago )

day 1 purchase and reason to rebuy me a 360
this game gets as pumped up as gow1 when it was announced years ago.

i love gears :P

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