Xbox One gets new update, fixes and adjustments to the user interface

Microsoft has just revealed that they started to deploy the latest 1404 update (xb_rel_1404.140411-1830)

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Axios21866d ago

Great MS is all over this

Keep them coming

randomass1711866d ago

How could anyone disagree with this? Isn't it a good thing for Microsoft to be making their console better?

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tbone5671866d ago

MS is slowly chiseling the Xbox One like a large block of marble until it reaches perfection.

SegaGamer1866d ago

The reason i disagree is because they are not updates they are fixes. Yeah it's good that they are fixing known issues but the thing is these problems shouldn't be there in the first place.

All of these updates for the Xbox One have been full of fixes, it's a bit ridiculous that so many is needed.

otherZinc1866d ago


That was a perfect post!

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Nicxel1866d ago


"Go Uglybox One"

How old are YOU??

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Red_Tracers1866d ago

It is one thing to be a fan of a particular console or PC but to the extent of spewing forth such imbecilic bile simply serves no purpose whatsoever. I suppose the fans of (insert console or even PC) would prefer if the other teams just up and close shop; then the surviving team (again, insert console or PC) would have a monopoly whereas they would be able to offer the common, albeit limited, mainstream games at inflated prices and we would have no choice but to suck it up and buy such meager offerings. In addition, due to the reduced/removed competition, there would be no need to update, fix or improve the one and only system left on the market. Of course, fortunately for us, this will never happen in capitalistic society but it sure seems like many fanboys would like nothing more. Healthy competition breeds success. Folks who really love games want to see all formats flourish – we all win.

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Pogmathoin1866d ago

Wow, all the troll tagging and this is just a simple firmware update.... really going tooooo far.... ridiculous guys.... really, just play some games at this stage.....

Red_Tracers1865d ago

Exactly! Currently, we have so many crazy choices of games and methods to play them...perhaps folks should get busy playing and reduce just a bit of the sniveling.

SegaGamer1865d ago

Apparently i was trolling for pointing out that these are fixes and not updates.

It's ridiculous how far the fanboys have gone on this forum. Sony and Microsoft fans are impossible to talk to.

ovnipc1866d ago

MS keeps making my console of choice better and better. Keep it up MS!

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Bathyj1866d ago (Edited 1866d ago )

Got to hand it to them, MS is on ball doing update to their OS.

You paying attention Sony?

Theres too much basic stuff missing from the PS4, which didnt bother me at launch I was just happy you spent your time well getting the console out, but now that the honeymoon is over I'd like to see that youre working on these things.

I mean does it seem weird to anybody else that I can finally capture screenshots from any game, but I can no longer have custom wallpapers?

Thehyph1866d ago

Yeah, I'm dying for some UI updates to my ps4.

I need some sort of sorting.
Apps, Live from, Music Unlimited, Video Unlimited, Browser, Headphone Companion, Library, Playroom, What's New, six retail games, five or six cross buy games from ps3, three or four F2P games, and like ten or so indie games all on one horizontal line is a mess. I'm sure others out there with more coin for games have it worse than me, too.

RzaDaRazor1866d ago

Good luck with that. 7 years later and you can't even sort games in alphabetical order on PS3

Thehyph1866d ago

Hit me with the flavour!

I'm aware of that, but I do believe this is a different case as on ps3 at least the games were lumped into the games section on xmb. On ps4, everything is just a mess with apps and such lost in the mix.

Clown_Syndr0me1866d ago

Yeah PS4 is bursting with potential but almost feels like an empty shell.
I hope they don't waste all time and resources on VR.

Lou Ferrigno1866d ago

man if there is one thing i would definitely love to have asap (and have been impatiantly asking for) is for some different backgrounds/wallpapers ..
So tired of looking at the blue background i can't wait to get into a game lol..
they also need to get that Spotify app on there , my fav streaming music service on PS4 would be a dream. :)

FanboyKilla1866d ago

Dont be mad cause the xone is on the move. My ps4 seems a lil out of date compared to my xone. I have both so one can pick up the short comings of the other. If you are a ps4 only guy or gal, i guess ignorance is bliss. Good job ms keepem hateing.

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