Is Crowdfunding Games the Future?

Matt from Codec Moments asks: "With crowdfunding games regularly in the headlines, are they the future of all game development?"

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MultiConsoleGamer1864d ago

It certainly has the potential to shake things up in the industry and that's a very good thing.

randomass1711864d ago

Very much agreed. There are still some issues that need to be ironed out, but crowdfunding can definitely become a staple in game development.

StockpileTom1864d ago

I would rather crowdfund and keep the creative director's vision in tact rather than allow the suits at the big publishers to ruin it all.

randomass1711864d ago

^This. SO much of this. Publishers have too much fun taking uniqueness out of games right now. Very rarely is there AAA originality (at least until recently. Now we have a number of AAA new IPs). Hopefully indies and AAA can coexist and be healthy competition for each other.

Geoff9001863d ago

It's the future for certain developers, who might of not been able to get published any other way.

However it doesn't mean that every game will be published this way, only a select few.

lemoncake1863d ago

Until there is a high profile crowdfunded duke nukem forever type of scenario.

johny51863d ago

I have faith in crowd funding just not in the type Oculus represented!

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