Bungie Says Each Planet in Destiny is the Same Size as Reach

The producer Bungie made his name with the "Halo" franchise. The saga of Master Chief was born on Xbox over ten years ago and helped establish the 'shooters' first-person and multiplayer online games on consoles. Along with "Call of Duty", is the one responsible for highlighted that gender has nowadays.

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ArtificiallyYours1867d ago

Dat headline got me zoning. >.>;

Jughead34161867d ago

Exciting stuff indeed. But I thought they said each location is the size of reach. Each planet has multiple locations. Either way, the game is huge.

MonstaTruk1867d ago

That's nice, fine. I'm sure it'll be a great game. A game that they'll *allow* me to play for a couple of years until they cut the servers off of this online-only game. And there won't be any semblance of this game in anyone's gaming collection to go back to later on...*smh* I'm not paying full price for that...

bodybombs1867d ago

I'll pay full price on it, because it will most likely give me a couple hundred hours of entertainment for only $60 USD. even if i play it for over 120 hours thats 50cents an hour of enjoyment. Im ok with that.

Myze1867d ago (Edited 1867d ago )

Eh, there are thousands of games that your reasoning applies to, including all games with multiplayer servers. Do you really think people care a great deal about CoD's single player, or Halo, or Battlefield (when looking back on them, not when you first buy). CoD and BF might be able to have private servers on the PC, but they can't on consoles, so Destiny is really no different (not to mention every single MMO ever realeased, which this game is (MMOFPS), also can't have private servers without hacking).

In all likelihood the game will sell really well. As long as the game isn't poor (unlikely will be), the support for the game will run for way over a couple of years. Six to seven at least. Not paying $60 for that many years of possible entertainment because they might one day shut down the servers is borderline ridiculous.

UltraNova1866d ago

Quick question, will this game be always online? or can I go at it solo as in single player if I wanted to?

alexkoepp1866d ago

Bungie really messed up and ruined halo with reach, I'm glad to see they passed the torch to a better studio, and I'm glad to see them moving onto a new franchise. The last time they created a new franchise the result was phenomenal, hopefully this game gives me the same feeling I felt when I first played halo combat evolved.

DOMination-1866d ago

You can play single player but you have to be online

MazzingerZ1866d ago (Edited 1866d ago )

A couple of years? No way
No worries, it's Bungie, they will support it with fixes, new game types and DLC, including free stuff

Mac4201866d ago

This is not a always online game an does not require internet. Where do people on n4g get some of there non sense?

MonstaTruk1866d ago

I just did a speed run on COD4, MW2, & MW3 on veteran difficulty about a week ago, just to relive the trilogy again. Believe it or not, there are some gamers that relish a good single player experience still, in 2014. As far as multiplayer servers in those types of games goes, I have a problem with those getting shut down, also. Look, there's no ALTERNATIVE, is my biggest complaint. I understand keeping servers up cost money to keep online, fine. Can we setup our own personal clients, maybe? To just abandon it altogether, especially when there are signs of trends in the gaming industry of early termination of servers (GT5, Resistance 3, Sports games) and an influx of online-only games (Titanfall, Destiny, The Division), without any alternative for online multiplayer, is ridiculous...

Madgunner1866d ago

I agree with you 100 percent Mr. Combs

NiteX1866d ago

The digital age has been here. This is nothing new.

Clown_Syndr0me1866d ago

I feel your concerns, I hate it when servers shut down.
So gutted I can't play Resistance anymore, my friends and I still played regularly.
There should at least be an option to host our own servers, I know not everyone would be able to host but atleast there would be games to join.

Scatpants1866d ago

Yeah its an online game, duh

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BinaryMind1866d ago

Phantom Pain is 200 times the size of Ground Zeroes. GTAV larger than all the previous games combined. Now Destiny is multitudes the size of Reach. I feel like game size has become the new thing that companies like to wave around like a penis.

amazinglover1866d ago

I don't mind larger game sizes as long there is stuff to do to keep me busy or a good way to travel around fast.

BinaryMind1866d ago

I don't either, but I do wonder if comes at the cost of tight level design. Ground Zeroes is a very well designed level despite how small it is and I doubt that level of polish will be consistent in Phantom Pain.

BinaryMind1866d ago

You got few agrees/disagrees because most people never bothered to click the link :P

Father__Merrin1867d ago

Merrin predicts Destiny to smash Halo & Titanfall

GarrusVakarian1867d ago (Edited 1867d ago )

Titanfall, yeah. Halo? No way.


Lol, no.....I'm a gamer first and foremost (Halo is also one of my favourite franchises of all time), sorry if i don't meet your 'expectations', lmao. I'm simply acknowledging one of the biggest franchises in videogame history, it's unrealistic to expect Destiny, a new IP, to compete with Halo, regardless if it's Bungie or not. Maybe after a few games....maybe, but not the first.


I think we will get Halo 2 remake this year, Halo 5 next year. That's just my guess.

randomass1711867d ago

That's going to be one hell of a race. Bungie's two creations going head to head... Provided Halo 5 comes out this year.

LightDiego1867d ago

I thought you were a Sony fanboy, traitor!

Father__Merrin1867d ago

Destiny will be really huge, you cant get much bigger than bungies new game. and the fact that its now multi-plat will prove extremely popular

now what gets me IF AND IF Destiny is overly massive how would that affect call of duty which has same publisher?

gameslayer24111867d ago

That is why you are my favorite person on this site. You are a gamer, Console War Be Damned! I'm right there with ya on that!

pakua1867d ago

No way will Destiny be as big as Halo. The FPS market is way too big. I know a lot of Playstation owners will hate me for it but just because it's Bungie doesn't mean it will be the instant hit that Halo was.

HeavenlySnipes1867d ago

343's Halo? Maybe.

Destiny probably gonna be this years biggest game. Sony is hyping it (because PS4 owners get bonus content) and Activision is gonna be hyping it to hell

With that said, if the next Halo trailer shows some off the wall insanely next gen stuff than Halo will without a doubt reign supreme this year (its releasing this year right?)

AceBlazer131867d ago

@LightDiego Lukas is actually neutral apparently.

@Lukas Destiny launching on both platforms iis gonna play a huge roll.So don't be surprised if it becomes bigger.I already know a lot of CoD guys looking forward to it, my entire clan is waiting for it and these guys play nothing but.When you have CoD fanboys looking out for your game it'll be big.Not just CoD guys either KZ,BF,Borderlands.Anyone who likes FPS is looking forward to Destiny. Next big shooter here and Activion now holds the two biggest shooters.

Sci0n1866d ago

what is a halo game without bungie developing it though? from my experiences with halo 4 absolute rubbish. Halo was bungies vision and idea not 343 studios. 343 will never make a good halo game since it has never been there vision they just was hired by microsoft to pick it up and develope it.

cl19831866d ago (Edited 1866d ago )


You do realize that everyone whom left Bungie when Bungie became independent went strait to 343 to continue making Halo. Franky was the head of dev and is in charge of 343 still.

Mac4201866d ago

Halo 4 sucked sorry kid. An destiny is the biggest preordered game for any current platform out.... So your point?

headwing451866d ago

I actually believe this game will make the Halo series completely irrelevant.

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Clover9041867d ago

Yeah, I can see Destiny being bigger than Halo. Is there any Halo fan that's not going to pick up Bungie's Destiny, especially with no proper halo installment until sometime next year. Then add on top of that all the Playstation owners I can see Destiny easily being as big, if not bigger than Halo.

Belasco1867d ago

By "smash" you mean that you will personally enjoy it more? Sales? I don't understand what your attempting to say. Its multiplat so yeah, saleswise it could smash Halo, but that is to be expected.

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