Sony Brings Up Wild Arms Again: Crossover with Soul Sacrifice; Is this a Prelude to a PS4/Vita Game?

Two weeks ago Sony Computer Entertainment Producer Kentaro Motomura told Weekly Famitsu that he’d like to explore the possibility to bring the Wild Arms franchise to PS4 and PS Vita.

Yesterday night, with very convenient timing, Motomura-san appeared in a live broadcast on Nico Nico announcing a crossover event between Soul Sacrifice Delta and Wild Arms.

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Abriael1869d ago

When I saw the broadcast I started throwing money at the screen, but it didn't spit out a game.


randomass1711869d ago

I get that feeling a lot lol. Someday soon though!

Kingthrash3601869d ago

lol...agreed..i even offered food...nothing happend.
dear god let them bring WA to vita or ps4...its needed for my survival.

sonic9891869d ago

i would say .
yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes .
thank god i like those kind of creative games Sony knows how to deliver .
after infamous second son i felt like there is nothing for me anymore since i dont like shooters at all .
i was hoping for crash sly ratchet or anything other than a shooter or a realistic cinematic experience .
but Sony has the variety and thats what i love about them .

sonic9891869d ago

oops i thought it was a full game .
oh well hopefully next time please dont be another cinematic realistic game or a shooter .

Relientk771869d ago

Please bring Wild Arms to PS4

Lord_Sloth1869d ago

Agreed. Wild Arms and Suikoden were the 1st games I played on the PS1.

randomass1711869d ago

If not, the least they can do is add them to PSN and PS Now. Being able to play those games on newer consoles would be quite nice.

WildArmed1869d ago

I feel like every time Wild Arms is brought up, someone is just sitting behind the curtains and laughing.

They are just trying to screw with my mind... I want to believe it'll come.. but I know it won't. I know some evil guy just wants me to believe it'll come and then he'll be like NEVVEEEEERRRRRRRRRRR

D3ATH_DRIV3R_7771869d ago

If this is confirmed, then another game added to my *to get* list.

italkgame1869d ago

what do you guys think #jrpgvita is ;)

Abriael1869d ago (Edited 1869d ago )

Actually I'm quite sure #jrpgvita was about third party games. Wild Arms is 1st party.

porkChop1869d ago

As Abriael said, #jrpgvita was about 3rd party jrpgs being brought to the Vita.

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The story is too old to be commented.