Bioware’s New Game: Mass Effect Prequel?

Are you a fan of Bioware? Do you like the Mass Effect universe? Then you might like to know there are rumours of a prequel.

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ironfist921865d ago (Edited 1865d ago )

Hope not. Prequels are under-whelming in the sense we already know what it amounts to in the future story line.

I was hoping for a sequel set a few centuries after the end of ME3, introducing new alien species, a new galactic threat, and new characters to bond with.

As to the twitpic, are the tribes referring to Krogans?

The Meerkat1865d ago

I'd quite like to see the massive battles with the Krogans and the Rachni.

The Quarian defeat to the Geth. Etc.

And what if your choices could prevent the story in ME1 from even beginning?
What if you brought the reapers earlier by discovering the artifact on Mars?
The reapers arrive only to face a full strength Krogan and Rachni force.

ded10201865d ago

Not me buddy. I want to see them claw their way out of what was ME3's ending. First Contact War and the like can wait. At least that's what I'm waiting on.

hay1865d ago (Edited 1865d ago )

With the shit ending of the thurd(pun intended) Mass Effect I don't think they want to go deepaah(and another one).

With the complete lack of balls of big publishers, that's probably what will happen. The only good stories of ME games were written by Drew Karpyshyn, it's obvious they want to milk what is left to milk, not what have been digested by their archontic guts and crapped out.

Yes, I know, a lot of fecal references, but I go apeshit(yeah, yeah...) with what ME3 could look like, and how it was bastardized. The concepts were mind-blowing and actually fun.

Belasco1865d ago

This I agree with, prequels are lazy story telling in my opinion. It's easier to come up with back story for existing characters than to create new ones.

crxss1865d ago

Better not be. I think bioware is smart enough not to

Agent_hitman1865d ago

I love MASS EFFECT franchise, especially the 3rd part. But the only thing that I don't like about part 3 is it's ending.. Hopefully this new one will be a hit.

Lucreto1865d ago

I don't want a prequel but I would accept a storyline running parallel with Shepherds storyline.

A ship getting stuck in an area of space where there is no relay or activate a dormant relay during Mass Effect 2 timeframe.

FRAKISTAN1865d ago

I think a prequel is good because no matter how good the sequel is there is no getting past the epic characters they have created. no matter how well they do people will still say they miss wrex,ashley,garrus,etc

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