H1Z1 Beta Sign up confirmed in its website's jquery file, Theme sound and Fred's sound inside

Here is another spot today on Sony 's upcoming open world sandbox zombie survival MMO H1Z1 website

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user14394141865d ago

I can't wait for this game. I just hope the PS4 pre release is as good at it looks.

NovusTerminus1865d ago

What did I just watch... Better question, why did I watch it?

user14394141865d ago

I hope we get the pre release of the game and it's not just for the PC. I am still waiting for Planetside 2 when the PC version has been out for a while.

redknight801865d ago

Way to link your own random video that has nothing to do with this article, mate.

user14394141865d ago

Sorry redknight80 I linked the wrong one. I had that one copy and pasted to link a friend on Skype. This is the correct one.

redknight801865d ago

Thanks for posting the correct video :)

captain_slow821865d ago

hope they dont take long with the ps4 port :(

anyone got an idea of what the minimal system requirements will be? i may have to play this on pc till a ps4 port comes out :D

WeAreLegion1865d ago (Edited 1865d ago )

Well, it's running on the same engine as PlanetSide 2, so this might help:

It's obviously no guarantee that you'll be able to run it, but it's about the best guess I have right now.

captain_slow821865d ago

cheers looks like i should be able to run it :D

DoctorXpro1865d ago

Is this exclusive PS4/Windows?

Fishy Fingers1865d ago

SOE developed so PC first then PS4.

mafiahajeri1865d ago

Don't mind waiting for the ps4 version with all the PC testing it will result in a much better product for the ps4.

This could really be a killer app for the ps4 plus it's free, and yes I know it's for the PC but keep in ins a lot of people don't have gaming pcs.

H1z1, planetside and Everquest all free to play on the ps4 hope we at least have 2 of those before year end.