Bluepoint Games Explain Why Developers Target 30 FPS For Their Games Instead Of 60 FPS

GearNuke: "When it comes to frame rate in most console games, we often hear about 30 fps instead of 60 fps for most of them. Although for some recent games – especially for some first party titles on the PS4 – the frame rate is unlocked, and often runs above 30 fps in games like inFamous: Second Son, TitanFall, Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition and Killzone: Shadow Fall."

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Old_Boss_1866d ago

Totally agree with Bluepoint’s President Andy O’Neill.

DeathOfTheFanBoy1865d ago

I'm one of the people who genuinely cant tell the difference between 30/60fps (I guess I'm lucky) but what I have never understood (if someone would kindly enlighten me please) is why not aim for 40 or 50 if 60 isn't achievable?

Is there something I'm missing? can those of you who are able to tell the difference between say 30 and 60fps able to benefit from playing at 40 or 50?

The only time I notice is when I'm playing on my PC and frame rate takes a serious nosedive below 30...

BigStoat1865d ago

Mainstream TV's and monitors refresh at 60hz, this means that they display 60 frames per second, so 30/60fps fits nicely into that. If you were to display something in between it makes for slightly messy maths, which in turn leads to screen tearing and the like.

kreate1865d ago (Edited 1865d ago )

The thing is, I play PC games and when a game is on 30fps, at times on certain situations with lots of units on screen, the frame rate drops to 15 fps and there's lag going on.

But if ur on 60, I would assume it wouldn't drop all the way down to 15 and cause lag.

If ur fine w lag, than its all good. When u regain control, U'll see the game over screen cuz U'll be pwned by someone.

If someone who is more tech savy want to enlighten us further on the issue, Plz do.

starchild1865d ago (Edited 1865d ago )

In order for the framerate to sync evenly with the refresh rate of the display it must be a factor of the refresh rate. So for a 60Hz display the only two reasonable framerates that will work are 30fps and 60fps.

20fps would simply be too low and anything else wouldn't divide evenly into the refresh rate and would therefor result in judder.

Capping the framerate at 40fps wouldn't be ideal but at least it would result in a judder with a regular cadence instead of being a random judder. Depicted with numbers it would look like this: 1223445667889...

60fps looks like: 123456789...
30fps looks like: 112233445566778899...

In other words, at 60fps there is a unique frame ready each time the display is refreshed. At 30fps each frame is repeated once--i.e. one unique frame followed by a duplicate. At 40fps every other frame is repeated.

As you can see, only 30fps and 60fps have an EVEN frame cadence. 40fps has an uneven but regular repeating cadence. Short loooong short loooong short loooong...

This sort of regular predictable judder is not nearly as bothersome as the kind of fluctuating highly variable judder you get with an unlocked framerate.

kevnb1865d ago

That would mean you are unlucky, most of the judder comes from vsync not a variable framerate. Vsync is a solution to the tearing effect in LCD displays. Many games don't tear very noticeably and you can just leave vsync off, other modern games tend to use triple buffering which gives us framerates of 60-45-30-15, it's usually much smoother this way. Consoles and nvidia have also employed adaptive vsync, which locks the framerate when it can and unlocks it when the framerate isn't high enough. One also has to consider frame times as better frame times make for a smoother experience. The cool thing about playing on pc is you can decide how you want to deal with each game, d3d overrider can force triple buffering on all games for example.

GribbleGrunger1865d ago (Edited 1865d ago )

I have no problem playing games at 30fps but to hear a developer actually stating they 'target' 30fps would be unacceptable as far as I'm concerned. It means that they will never hit 60fps even if they could. Developers should always target 60fps but if they have to compromise because of what they're trying to achieve graphically, then I will understand and accept it. As far as unlocked frame rates are concerned, I have no problem with it at all ... In fact I prefer it, especially when the game runs at a higher framerate most of the time.

Farsendor11865d ago

screen tearing is one of the worst things out there in gaming, i would rather see 30fps any day than screen tearing.

esemce1865d ago

You can't tell the difference between these 3 ?

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Skate-AK1865d ago

That is a good explanation. Another reason is because the general consumer wants very good graphics and high quality effects. Being limited to 30fps gives you a lot of extra power because the frame doesn't have to be rendered twice. The general people that walk into a store and grab a game that catches their eyes, don't care about 30 or 60fps like we on the forums do.

kevnb1865d ago (Edited 1865d ago )

But they do, they just don't know why. I suppose it depends on the type of game, but all those guys keep buying call of duty because it's just smoother. Most people want smoothness over graphical fidelity. Even the devs in this interview admitted they liked the unlocked framerate better

Skate-AK1865d ago

That's a good point I was thinking about but didn't mention. The old Devil May Cry, Ninja Gaiden and Bayonetta are other good examples.

esemce1865d ago

Yes eye candy sells games to many people and they do not know/care about framerate, it's generally us PC AND console gamers that care.

If you are used to [email protected] on all your PC games then you know when a games is running at 30 or sub 60 fps and it feels crap. I suppose you get spoiled by PC games and don't want to go backwards.

StrawberryDiesel4201865d ago

That's a shame really. If you ask the masses that play COD why they prefer it over any other FPS they don't even realize it's because the 60FPS is so smooth and that translates to gameplay and controls resulting in a more smoother and fluid experience. It just feels better. This is why most FPS addicts always return to COD even though they complain about the lack of innovation.

XiNarutoUzumaki1865d ago (Edited 1865d ago )

Fanboys only look at the numbers. The higher the better for them. But, I'm affraid they don't know the reason why a game runs at 60 or 30FPS.

It makes sense if you think about it. Simulator and FPS games need 60FPS because those kind of games need full responsiveness. A dev may choose to go with 30FPS to use the resources for anything else like lightning and particlr effects, which was the case with Second Son.

30FPS is smooth enough, and that was my surprise with Secon Son.

Agent_hitman1865d ago (Edited 1865d ago )

It's a matter of choice if developers want:

60 fps @720p


30 fps @1080p

Until now It's really hard to achieve 1080p/60fps on console due to the fact that it's only equipped with underclocked CPUs @1.6Ghz plus consoles are not upgradable.. Whether consoles have powerful GPUs, it's extra processing powers will not be enough for graphical task cause most of the traditional CPU task were being offloded on to the GPU to compute..

Even the Battlefield 4, Infamous: SS, Rise: Son of Rome on consoles are not yet full 60fps only 30fps even if it's upscaled 1080p. Unless it's just a Racing games or fighting games that only requires minimal resources due to repetitive gameplay...

Neixus1865d ago

If racing games requires minimal resources due to repetitive gameplay, why doesn't Ryse too?

sorry, i had to. Because that statement is completely wrong.

esemce1865d ago (Edited 1865d ago )

What I think he means it that there is not a lot going on the screen at once, compare the scale of GTA or BF4 to a racing game that is on a single track or a sigle stage fighting game that has only 1 AI opponent at once.

The more a game has to render at once the more resources are needed, then you have also to take into account real time lighting, physics and the complexity of the AI.

kevnb1865d ago

Higher resolution taxes the gpu almost uniquely.

I_am_Batman1865d ago

You can't just switch between [email protected] and [email protected] Sure the pixel output is similar but at 60fps the CPU has a lot more work to do. Generally speaking doubling the framerate is harder to achieve than doubling the resolution.

JackVagina1865d ago

No, every game could be 1080p/60 if the right graphical sacrifices are made.

Wii U has more 1080p/60 games then PS4/XB1 does that make it a stronger console? obviously not...

Developers would just prefer graphical fidelity instead of 60fps. Half the people who buy the game isn't even gonna notice the 60fps or know what it is, only us forum dwellers and people who visit gaming sites will know.

You cant advertise 60fps. You cant see 60fps in a screenshot or a youtube trailer, all you see is the graphical sacrifices they made to get the 60fps that you wont see until you see it with your own too eyes when the game is right in front of you.

Think of it like a PC game, say you put the graphics on ultra, and you're getting 30fps but want 60fps what do ya do?? You lower the graphics to medium, except for console games everyone has the same specs so devs just choose the settings for you

StrawberryDiesel4201865d ago

on PS4, Battlefield 4 runs at 900p/60fps

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mark3214uk1865d ago

if the x1 could do 1080p 70fps,x1 fanboys would be going nuts for fps/resolution but because this gen there machine cant achieve above 720p all of a sudden resolution isnt important

with tvs now knocking out 4k and talks of 8k clearly resolution is a big thing

hkgamer1865d ago

It's a big thing. But for console gaming we will be stuck with 1080p for a long time.

I really Cannot see 4k hitting mainstream anytime soon. I mean those screens look fantastic, but every store that has it only show a demo screen and not even a movie. Pc gaming will hot those resolutions, but only the hardcore who doesn't mind spending will benefit.

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