Frugal Gaming Review | Bioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea Episode 2

As I crawled through a creaking vent, I looked out onto Rapture from an entirely new perspective. It was then I knew that this final segment of the Bioshock story was going to be something unique - Writes Frugal Gaming's Brapscallion

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PridedLlama1867d ago

I loved both Bioshock 1 & 2, Infinite just left me cold. Rapture was such an interesting place and Columbia just felt very bland to me. I'm planning on picking up both ep1 and ep2 when they are next cheap on 360

UglyGeezer1867d ago


At first I was completely enamoured with the world, but then it just seemed to drag and I realised as much as I liked the background story, the incredible depth and breadth of the vision, the games itself lacked something.

DeathOfTheFanBoy1867d ago

I just started playing Infinite for the 2nd time, I got it on steam originally but recently got it on 360 through a sale on the dash... Anyway, Bioshock 1, to this day is one of my favorite ever gaming experiences, I loved everything about it, and seriously thought anyone who criticized any aspect of it was surely clinically insane... I truly adored everything about it.

Back to infinite... it seems best described as empty and soulless. I soooo want to enjoy it but there is nothing for me to bite on, and now on my 2nd play through I am saying to myself, "not this bit again" but I've started it and so I will finish it. It's a game I will never pick up again, unlike the original which I certainly will.


IAmBrapscallion1867d ago

The Burial at Sea DLC's are pretty much entirely based in Rapture. I strongly recommend fans of the original get fully stuck into this! :)

Skate-AK1867d ago

I still need to download Bioshock Infinite off +