Joystiq: Becoming the monster in Evolve: Lessons from Left 4 Dead

Joystiq: For all of the technical wizardry going on behind the scenes, Left 4 Dead was a simple game: four players versus seemingly endless hordes of zombies, peppered with the occasional, amped-up special zombie. Evolve, the latest game from Left 4 Dead developer Turtle Rock Studios, trims down the number of bodies on screen while simultaneously introducing new layers of complexity. Evolve ditches the undead hordes for a single, player-controlled monster pitted against four player-controlled hunters. On the surface, it's a much simpler formula, until you realize that each hunter has their own individual set of weapons, items and abilities, and the monster is constantly evolving, steadily becoming stronger and more deadly as the round progresses. (You'll find our video preview from February after the break, if you want a better idea of how it all works.)

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Skate-AK1867d ago

High hopes for this game. Hopefully they don't have any server problems at launch with it being online only.

randomass1711867d ago

I'm sure it'll come out just fine. This isn't EA after all. :P

LambOfLucifer791867d ago

I absolutely cannot wait to play this game