Xbox One controller is $10 off at Amazon while 'The Wolf Among Us' is $7 cheaper

XMNR: Amazon put out a new slate of game deals for the week of Sunday, April 13 that includes a discount on the Xbox One controller. There’s also savings to be had on “Thief” for all the console platforms it was released on plus various LEGO titles as well. Meanwhile, “The Wolf Among Us” headlines the downloadable PC deals for the week.

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Yi-Long1866d ago

Meanwhile, in Holland, I saw the XBO controller selling for 75-80 EURO in a local store (Saturn) (!)

Ridiculous price.

GeofferyPeterson1866d ago (Edited 1866d ago )

Meanwhile on Saturn, I saw the XBO controller on "Amazon Earth" with free 2 month shipping from Mars to Europa for only 100,059 space credits.

Yi-Long1866d ago

Amazon Earth recently cancelled free shipping to Holland, sadly. Which means I'm taking my business to Amazon Uranus.

ElementX1866d ago

Examiner articles shouldn't be allowed. I am not going to watch a video before I can read the article.

johny51866d ago

I would like to buy an Xbox One controller if Microsoft would release compatibility drivers for Windows...