Nintendo 3DS XL gets a $40 gift card at Target, 2DS with 'Pokemon X' is $100

XMNR: Target updated its game deals for the week of Sunday, April 13 by not only offering a hefty gift card for the Nintendo 3DS XL but also by slashing the price off the Nintendo 2DS. This includes the bundle that comes with “Pokemon X”. There are also some decent discounts on PS4, Xbox One, PS3 and Xbox 360 games as well as the Xbox One console.

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SamPao1862d ago

Oh man, Im a PS guy and I have the psVita wich I love. but Pokemon always gets me to buy Nintendo. Looks like Im soon having a 3ds :))))
Hope we have such a sale here in europe. In the coming moth.

randomass1711862d ago

Great, great deal. I'd definitely jump in if possible. This is basically a $100 platform with two free games, one of which is Pokemon.

TakikoKarma1862d ago

People have some pretty mixed reactions on the 2DS. But when it's this good a deal, is it really that bad? If I didn't already have a 3DS, I'd be more than happy to have this one! :)
Sounds like a great deal for new buyers.

randomass1711862d ago

Actually I've heard zero complaints about the 2DS from those who actually have one. I think the worst crime it's committed is the lack of a clam shell and the speaker is mono. The shell issue is bypassed with the pouch and the mono is fixed by using headphones.

Skate-AK1862d ago

Haven't played a Pokemon since the Ruby series. It's just been so long since I owned a Nintendo handheld.

randomass1711862d ago

I haven't played Pokemon since Gold myself. X was pretty fresh and the 3D models and animations are very charming. Playing with and feeding Pokemon is uncannily fun.

Skate-AK1862d ago

If you told me 10 years ago in a Pokemon game you can play with your Pokemon, I would have said "well isn't that what your are doing in the game? Playing Pokemon?" Haha. That's cool that it worked out though.