DirectX With Granite Makes Shaders Less Complex & Faster On Xbox One/PC, Memory Usage Reduced

"You may not know it but as the next generation of consoles really gets rolling, middleware companies like Graphine Software and their products like Granite SDK are becoming all the more visible."

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FrigidDARKNESS1865d ago

Awesome stuff here xbox one is a true next gen console for developers.

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hello121865d ago

I think the big advantage of directx12 is actually on the CPU side not GPU. Of course some extra features will make the GPU better with directx12

CPU on the x box 1 most of the work is been done on mainly 1 core, Directx12 improves this and spreads out the work more evenly to the other 4 to 6 cores available to games.

Graphics can be processed much faster than on screen

OrangePowerz1865d ago (Edited 1865d ago )

That is quite incorrect regarding the work being mainly done on one core. This holds true for PC games because most games still run on single or dual cores so they are not optimized for CPUs with more cores and don't use them efficient.

That rule doesn't apply to console games that are fully optimized to the specific console. Every X1 has the same CPU so you don't have devs coding for a single or dual core CPU and don't use the other cores.

Gozer1865d ago (Edited 1865d ago )

"I think the big advantage of directx12 is actually on the CPU side not GPU. Of course some extra features will make the GPU better with directx12"

This article says DX12 will produce 50% more cpu power.
This article mentions one of the advancements the X1 will get from DX12. It would really help the conversation if someone with development knowledge could weigh in on how much of an advancement this is, and what it could mean for the X1.

GameNameFame1864d ago (Edited 1864d ago )

That is on pc right now. If you have pc multithread dont have much.

Consoles including had close code to metal program. If you can code to metal then you can already multi core. Lolol.

Ms on their own slide says giving console like api to pc.

Also this granite sdk is third party and ps4 is getting it too.

fr0sty1864d ago (Edited 1864d ago )

This article fails on so many levels...

1. The developer is not even talking about DX12, though the article mentions it at the end as if it will offer any more advantages for this middleware, when the dev made no mention of it whatsoever.

2. The developer explicitly said that his middleware would improve performance on both DX11.2+ and OpenGL (what PS4's API is based on), though the article conveniently leaves out the OpenGL part and the fact that he made no mention of consoles whatsoever. That doesn't make for as much of a click-bait headline.

3. Because that middleware is designed to run on all platforms, all he is basically doing is describing how his middleware will help reduce shader and memory cost on every platform it is used on, this is nothing to do exclusively with Xbox in any way, shape, or form.

Gamer19821864d ago

This doesnt effect the consoles though as games are already optimized to use all cores. Except on PC where there not designed for it. If DX changes that it will surely boost PC but not Xbox. Either way I think people who think DX12 is gonna be what makes Xbox One look better than PS4 or let it catch up are in for a rude awakening when they see games with it as that wont happen. Even devs have confirmed it won't change the current slant on consoles and most of the benefits are for PC and tablets.

xenzibe1864d ago

Please provide a source for that.

Maybe having all the work done on 1 core is why its so slow.

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No_Limit1865d ago

Jesus, Frigid, how did you get that many disagrees for being excited about your console? It must've been a record or something.

"Wow amazing stuff. The x1 is truly the next gen must have console"

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MetalProxy1865d ago

He is trying to tell me it's the true next GEN console to have and I whole heartily disagree. Is that ok with you or do I have to ask permission from the Xbox boys? Smh

AceBlazer131864d ago

He thinks the Xbox is the must have console, others think otherwise , hence the disagrees.What's so hard in this for some of you to grasp? Accept it and quit whining.

Anyhow,when are we gonna start seeing the fruits of these improvements.

ALLWRONG1864d ago

The 440 shows the true nature of N4G and Sony fans. It's really an embarrassment which is why only a few are defending it. It's like the time when Toys R Us had to remove videos from youtube.

MeLoveRamen1864d ago

he got the disagrees because thats a stealth troll kid saying " the x1 is truly the next gen must have console" implying the other next gen consoles are not, its not hard to see what he meant, learn how to interpret a comment.

Gozer1864d ago

He didn't say anything about the other consoles. You are assuming hes trolling, probably because the amount of trolls that we see in a lot of articles.

MeLoveRamen1864d ago

Gozer, its not hard to read between the lines, with him saying that "the x1 is the must have next gen console" implies that it is the only one thats must have. Its really not that hard to interpret his comment and all of you who are defending him just shows your xbox biased so please stop with "n4g is run by sony fanboy" because its sad.

Ben Dover1864d ago

@Gozer @No_Limit

Did you even bother to click at his comment history or even his tagline which says "SDF= worst kind of human beings and lowest of the Apes." In case you don't know SDF = Sony Defense Force.

This guy has been stealth trolling every article and deserves all the disagrees he can get.

Gamer19821864d ago

Tehres getting excited and getting a disagree for saying its the "must have" console. It's all about personal taste in the end DX12 ain't gonna make people go out and buy xbox's. A Kinect less Xbox would certainly help though!!!

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Pon41864d ago

It definitely is bud Xbox One is killing it

mewhy321864d ago

Well the xbone currently needs all the help it can get.

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Belasco1865d ago (Edited 1865d ago )

This can be applied to OpenGL as well, right?

OpieWinston1865d ago

It can, if they update it. Current Open GLs Shaders tech is pretty standard.

I haven't heard of any recent updates to Open GL that include it working with Granite SDK to reduce Memory.

gamertk4211865d ago

Correct, As it stands, this helps PS4 on the software side only.

hello121865d ago (Edited 1865d ago )

Not directx12 can't be officially used by Sony Microsoft proprietary API.

Sony can try modify Open GL to have similar features to directx12 but it will depend on the RD costs to create similar software?

Directx12 features might cost a lot to code for the PS4? Sony may not have the money.

djplonker1865d ago (Edited 1865d ago )

Sony is spending money on morpheous + ps now and microsoft is spending to play catch up I dont think they are all that bothered to be honest!


Of Course I know that but I was refering to the xbox division not the people who havent made a good operating system since window xp and think ms word is worth £110....

Fireseed1865d ago (Edited 1865d ago )

"spending money to play catch up"

You do know MS' main profitable product are it's technologies... right?

marlinfan101865d ago

"spending money to play catchup" lol yeah I'm sure they just started creating this stuff a couple months ago when they saw the sales gap. i guess you fanboys have to put your own little twist on everything

imt5581864d ago (Edited 1864d ago )

Sony has own API, dude.

scott1821864d ago

Yes, Open GL will never update or improve. Sony will stay stagnant while MS improves gradually even though the PS4 is a runaway success. I like the logic on here.

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Pinkdolphinyfg1865d ago (Edited 1865d ago )

“This makes the shaders less complex and faster to execute. Another big advantage is that you don’t need to add pixel borders to your tiles so that the memory usage can be reduced. The Granite SDK will automatically switch to hardware virtual texturing if it is available on your system, or it will fall back to software virtual texturing if it’s not.”

The xbox one supports the hardware.

No_Limit1865d ago

Great news for XB1 owners!! System getting better and times goes on as expected.

redcar1211865d ago

Xbox one is getting better

devwan1865d ago (Edited 1865d ago )

All consoles "get better", it's to be expected. However, the hardware is fixed and will always remain that way - it's how that existing hardware is leveraged that counts.

To put things in some context, he improvement in ps3 titles over time was vast but the xbox one is different, however. It's not a matter of accessing elusive but very much real power and learning to put it to best use, but rather making what's there more hands-off and streamlined to developers. It'll make a difference, but nothing of the same magnitude.

There have already been a series of emergency band-aids for the xbox one due to the initial poor implementation of dx11 and esoteric memory set-up. One of those is easier to remedy than the other. It'll be the decisions made when designing the hardware that will put a ceiling on any potential improvements.

And of course as time goes on, it's not only the xbox one's power that becomes easier to leverage, the same will and does happen for other consoles such as the ps4. You can look at it as a never-ending game of cat and mouse rather than anything like a turtle and hare situation.

@redcar121 "I have both console im not trying to bash ps4 ok psn id darkpanther28"

I never implied you were, I was merely putting your point into a larger context. All consoles get better all the time these days, that's how it works.

redcar1211865d ago (Edited 1865d ago )

I have all console im not trying to bash ps4 ok psn id darkpanther28 add me if u think im lying