Batman the Video Game Spreads its Wings on the Game Boy: Today in History- April 13th, 1990

Carl Williams writes, "The original Game Boy was a seminal system for Nintendo, it set the pace for the hand held market and did things prior hand helds of the time couldn’t. The Game Boy was different enough to warrant millions of units sold which was able to solidify Nintendo in this new market that up to that point had been dominated by Tiger Electronics single game pre-defined LCD games that were actually worse off than most Atari 2600 games from nearl a decade earlier. While the Game Boy’s screen was not suited all that well for action titles, it did not stop companies from releasing them- including games based on blockbuster movies like Batman."

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Massacred1868d ago

I actually enjoyed this game quite a bit many years ago.

triverse1868d ago

It is a good game, just quite a bit different than the console versions and much more enjoyable on a better screen like the GBA SP or Game Boy Color (anything other than the original Game Boy).

TheHaydenator1868d ago

I still have it, very challenging

gamer78041868d ago (Edited 1868d ago )

Loved this back when I had a game boy

SniperControl1868d ago

Had this game on my Spectrum, absolutely loved it, especially the sideways scrolling Batmobile and Batwing levels.

lfc_4eva1868d ago

Man the best version was on the Amiga 500. I got the 'Batman The Movie' Amiga pack that Christmas.

Back in the day when I was good at games. I could complete this game with one life. Loved it. Loved it!

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