PS4 and Xbox One – Battle Of The Zombie MMOs

IM PLAYIN takes a look at the recently announced Sony zombie MMO and discusses the Xbox One's offering of 'Class 4'.

"State of Decay creators, Undead Labs, are working on an untitled project with Microsoft, code named ‘Class 4′, which is most likely going to be a stepped up MMO version of SoD for the Xbox One. Sony Online Entertainment, on the other hand, are developing H1Z1. To be honest, It’s a little too early to be looking at both games and trying to distinguish which one will be better. SOE has announced a bit about the game, or at least what they hope it will be. Undead Labs, however, have released virtually nothing."

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No_Limit1867d ago

Should be interesting as State of Decay was one of the best XBL arcade titles. Can't wait to see how these titles developed.

incendy351867d ago

Getting harder and harder to find fresh ideas for games I guess :D. Curious about both though, can never have too many zombie games.

DigitalRaptor1867d ago (Edited 1867d ago )

State of Decay is great, but it's no "zombie game". It more tactical and combat-based survival. H1Z1 will be the same, where persistence of the world and how players choose their own style of gameplay, comes before the focus of zombie slaying - although that will be an option.

ghostface91867d ago

class 4 the new state of decay title will blow it out of the water h1z1 is a day z ripoff

DigitalRaptor1867d ago (Edited 1867d ago )

Explain how. SOE has more resources, more MMO experience.

H1Z1 has a broader reach in what they are looking to achieve than Undead Labs.

So you're that Jordan Jones fella who commented on the article? Your full comment goes:

"you made the right choice with xbox one class 4 will destroy h1z1 its just a dayz ripoff class 4 is making a even better version of state of decay with the mmo side and dayz is coming to both consoles so you can pick up that and get the same experiece as h1z1"


Golden_Mud1867d ago (Edited 1867d ago )

I'm would just laugh at you both but that wouldn't be appropriate .

H1Z1 is a game that have 1000 players in one servers and having to build forts , it's different from DayZ and it's good in it's own way . SOE is experienced with MMOs as a company .

State of Decay is a game focused more on the zombies , it have a bigger amount of zombies than the other games in it's genre , it's also focused more on the building fences and forts aspect . Undead Labs is experienced with MMOs as an origin.

Spenok1867d ago

How do you know this? Are you the one person that has seen Class 4 in action? Seeing as how they have release "Virtually nothing" about the game, I'm pretty sure nobody knows this answer.

Even the article states it's too early to be comparing the two games... smh.

BattleTorn1867d ago

I have much faith in Undead Labs!!

cfc781867d ago

Definitely my kind of battle can't get enough of horror games at the minute especially with withdrawals building from the end of the last series of the walking dead the futures looking good for zombie games hope class 4 and H1Z1 both turn out to be what we want.

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