Rumor: Tales Of Hearts R Launching In The West

Tales Of Hearts R may be released in the West in the future, according to a rumor.

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Remy_S1867d ago

I hope this is true, the Vita needs as many jrpgs as possible.

dark-kyon1867d ago

if this is true,welcome another good jrpg in not let get deceived this game is a good tales of game,the haters what talk bad of this game do not have played the game and are butthurt what the original ds game do not do to the west.

TetsujinFranky1867d ago

I am a huge Tales Of fans and have been playing the series since the original Tales Of Destiny and I find both Tales Of games on PlayStation Vita to be really good. Innocence R is a huge leap from the original and even Tales Of Hearts R is not as bad as people make it look like online. It's different from the original, but it has some unique gameplay systems that make battles quite fun.

Artavasdus1866d ago

I have to agree with you, importers have been pretty enthusiastic about Tales of Hearts R's combat and story, and the game seems to be a good addition to the Tales of series and to the Vita lineup.

The ones hating on it are mostly people who didn't even play the game and keep spreading the negativity some people introduced back when the game was announced.

For instance, some of them claimed the R remake was graphically inferior compared to the DS Hearts, something that is obviously wrong if you take the time to google some video or screenshot. Others said the game copied Xillia's combat, while it has different systems like Air Chase and counters and feels unique according to those who played it.

Hicken1867d ago

Don't play with my heart, Bamco.