The Xbox One is for girls

I like the good people at our local Microsoft office. They host a bunch of launches for games, as well as events for local indie developers in Joburg, and are generally quite liberal with their coffee machine

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TruthInsider 1862d ago

Oh, i thought it was for the clueless, people that didn't do any research or those that like wasting money?

alexkoepp1862d ago

It's for girls. And boys. Hardcore and casual gamers. It's for everyone. Anyone who doesn't have this device is really missing out. It is the best entertainment device I've ever owned. My PS4 is just a less functional PS3 with better graphics so I don't even have it hooked up anymore. No need to, the X1 does everything.

-Foxtrot1862d ago

Probably because they can grill on it? :)

I joke, I joke (seriously...just a bit of fun)

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The story is too old to be commented.