Desert nightmare Grave is coming to the Xbox One

The Oculus-supported surrealist hellscape Grave will be coming to Xbox One in addition to the planned 2015 PC, Mac, and Linux releases, Destructoid has confirmed.

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DigitalRaptor1862d ago

I'm surprised that so far it's coming to XB1, but not yet PS4. From what I heard, they reached out to MS, Nintendo and Sony, and MS was the first to respond.

But since their promotional video had this to say about the Oculus Rift: "we see the Oculus as the truest form of what a first-person adventure game can be", so it's hard to imagine them not bringing the game to the more popular console of this generation, especially when it supports VR in the same way with Morpheus headset.

demonddel1862d ago

I have both and I really don't see what advantages one have over the other but not being pro or anti this or that and please understand me I'm like really enjoying the hell out of Forza 5 and Titanfall

randomass1711862d ago

PS4's specs are a little higher but that doesn't change anything in the grand scheme. The experiences will be the same for the most part, so that's really where the differences end. I do hope this game comes to PS4, but even if not then MS fans should support this exclusive.

OpieWinston1862d ago

What is with you going to EVERYone of these articles where they're having an Indie that's NOT on PS4.

Stop downplaying the X1 and start realizing that if you want the best experience you own ALL platforms.

DigitalRaptor1862d ago (Edited 1862d ago )

Because I'm interested in all kinds of discussion. I don't believe there's ever been anything wrong with questioning things. Considering the parity clause and the hoops developers have to jump through, it confuses me why PS4 would not be their first choice, and I believe that's a valid observation to make.

I did mention that part about MS responding first to their call, so I don't see how that was downplaying anything. If anything, that shows that MS cares a lot to get that game on their platform. I've said that Super Time Force looks great. I've said that Quantum Break looks great. It doesn't matter to me that those games are exclusive. if I can choose to praise them that proves it.

It's your choice if you want to perceive this as "downplaying".

Edit: I'd really rather not make this about my reasons for not owning an XB1, so if you've witnessed my stance on MS, you'll know why it's not difficult for me to say no. I won't need to explain it cause I've justified it a thousand times over.

I won't need ALL the games cause I won't have time to play them all. Plus of all the indie games I've played over the years, PC is the main platform I've used to play them.

OpieWinston1862d ago

Do you own the X1? If you wanted ALL games you could just pick up an X1 and enjoy best of Both worlds.
I bought a PS4...played Killzone/Infamous and then gave it to my friend. When I see another reason to pick up a second PS4 I'll do so. Until then I've got my X1/Wii U/PC to keep me company. If you REALLY care about Indies...PC should be your first choice.

ScareFactor1862d ago


Because developers don't choose hardware specs they go where the money is

DigitalRaptor1861d ago (Edited 1861d ago )

@ ScareFactor

And that is why a developer would choose a console that has a lower install base by a huge margin? They would choose to publish their game on a console that has less potential players, and less potential purchasers?

Damn, you Xbots really are something else...

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tbone5671862d ago

MS is cultivating those indie relationship and doing a superb job. Better than PS4 at the moment. Something I've witnessed as an observer.

DigitalRaptor1862d ago

Could you expand on that second sentence with some facts? I'd just like to see how you draw that conclusion.

candy_mafia1862d ago (Edited 1862d ago )


People can discuss what they want if it's OT. Can't see how anyone is playing it down?? Geezus, just quit the insecurity, you have a new game to enjoy on Xbox One, isn't that enough for you?


MS doing a better job with Indies?? ...You're super funny, keep telling more jokes. Comedy Central are holding auditions ;/

AngelicIceDiamond1862d ago

Use light to kill the monsters. Alan Wake had a deeper inspiration than I thought.

christocolus1862d ago

if its anything like alan wake then ill have to give it a try.

ElementX1862d ago

I really didn't like Alan Wake. Using light as a weapon got extremely repetitive. Also the end of the game wasn't that good.

SlavisH21862d ago

i agree with christocolus

randomass1711862d ago

Alan Wake was repetitive, but I think it was a healthy kind of repetition, where it remained fun because combat was spaced out well enough. American Nightmare took that further with the better guns and more TV show like story.

OpieWinston1862d ago

Alan Wake was literally my favorite game of last generation. And every game gets repetitive if you play it on the easiest difficulty.

The ending was brilliant especially if you played "The Signal" and "The Writer" they really opened the doors for an Alan Wake 2.

It wasn't your generic ending with the protagonist getting away with the girl. It's all about falling on your sword and imprisoning yourself over a loved one.

candy_mafia1862d ago (Edited 1862d ago )

I agree with ElementX.

IMO Alan Wake was ok, but pales in comparison to The Last of Us.

In fact, Alan Wake 2 was so good, MS made it digital only.

@OpieWinston, if you're taking jibes at TLOU? Why act like a blatant fanboy?...actually don't bother. I know the answer already.

guyman1861d ago


Just stop, really just give up. Alan wake may be your favourite game of last gen (you obviously never played a lot of games then) but it certainly, most definitely is not even slightly the best game of last gen.. stopping lying to yourself man. Also, dont even compare it to TLOU, dont even mention Alan wake in the same sentence as the TLOU, because its just not in the same caliber. I have played and finished both games just to let you know: the last of us now as a recent pS3 owner and Alan wake a few years back when i only supported xbox.

christocolus1861d ago (Edited 1861d ago )

@candy and guyman

What the hell is wrong with you guys? Opie says it is his opinion and you are attacking him for that? I too have played both(alan wake amd tlou)but you have no right to tell anyone what he should like or dislike. Its his preference and he clearly stated that, i know lots of people who dont like tlou,uncharted, gow, halo even gears of war and as much as i love those franchises i have to remember everyone has their own unique interests and the fact that those games mentioned above are multimillion sellers doesnt mean they suit every type of gamer out there...for crying out loud i have a number of friends and even a brother who dislikes gta and doesnt even care about cod&bf...

its just a matter of which games appeal to you more....learn to accept that.

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randomass1711862d ago

Alan Wake was really stylish and it took a lot of inspiration from Stephen King and Silent Hill. Even if it wasn't a huge seller, it was pretty good at introducing the 360 crowd to horror games.

No_Limit1862d ago

More game on the XB1. Can't complain. Bring it on!

cfc781862d ago

Looks interesting loving the name be happy to put this on the radar for the future.

hazard17remedy1862d ago

Light as weapon... It reminds me of Alan Wake... Amazing game... Combat was a little repetitive, but everything else was marvelous.

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