Up for a challenge? Here are 4 games that are far from easy.

If you’re tired of playing games that seem to be too easy and want to take a challenge, here are a few that offer unique difficulties and situations that may make your head spin off.

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randomass1711866d ago

Is that... Slenderman? o_O

Summons751865d ago

I fully agree with Dead Space 2 and Stalker but the only thing challenging is getting a character to NOT hit a game breaking bug. I still haven't made a character since launch that could get out of the tutorial due to bugs and everyone I know always hit something that ended their progress or corrupted their file. DayZ.....well I personally didn't enjoy it. Good article though minus the one.

randomass1711865d ago

Unfortunately this is what happens when devs rely solely on patchwork to properly finish games post release. As for DayZ, it may yet be a much better game in its finished state.

InsaneAzula1865d ago (Edited 1865d ago )

The picture used for Day z is actually from Infestation survivor stories or formerly known has The War Z.

randomass1711865d ago

Interesting. What are the differences between the two?

Are_The_MaDNess1865d ago

DayZ a game that started it all and is now being made as a standalone game and is out on early access.

WarZ is a rip off after the other game running on a old ass engine and the devs have been knows to be lying more than once aswell.

joab7771865d ago

I wll add Killzone 2 on elite, Operation Flashpoint on hardest difficulty and demon and dark souls (though more patience than difficult).

But I did New Vegas and Dead Space and they are hard. Dead Space 2 was hard to find the time, without leaving my ps3 on.

ChipChipperson1865d ago

Agree. Killzone 2's most frustrating part by far, for me in ANY game was that final battle to get to Visari Palace on elite. I had a relatively easy time until that point, but when I started that part, I stopped playing elite before picking it up and beating it a few months later. It was the same frustration I had when trying to play Call of Duty World at War on Veteran difficulty.

And good one on Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising. The thing with that game is that if you play tactically and have a good rifle with a scope, you will manage(on the lower difficulties), but wow, the friendly AI made it unplayable and frustrating on hardcore because of how dumb there were sometimes.

Detoxx1865d ago

Sounds like you haven't played Fallout 3 (Point Lookout expansion) on "very hard'.

THAT was a real pain in the *ss.

NovusTerminus1865d ago

Hardcore on DS2 was fun. I am very proud of that Platinum! Also Resonance of Fate is really harsh. And Metal Gear Rising is insane.

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