User Paid To Uninstall Windows XP.

A Sheffield man has won a refund from Dell for not installing Microsoft's Windows XP on a laptop he bought from the PC giant.

Freelance programmer Dave Mitchell ordered a Dell laptop on 21 October, and the machine was delivered a few days later.

As Mr Mitchell was planning to run the Linux open source operating system on the machine, he had no need for the copy of Windows XP Home that had been pre-installed.

When he started it for the first time, he clicked the box that said "no" on the Windows licence agreement that asked him to agree to its terms. The text of this agreement states users can get a refund for the "unused products" on their new computer if they get in touch with the machine's manufacturer.

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Grown Folks Talk4449d ago

what this has to do with gaming or even the gaming industry i don't know, but whoopie for him and his refund. and they say xbox fanboys grasp for straws to make the competetion look bad.

Ghost 0f 0nyx4449d ago

Its sad that this Sony Fanboy surfs all over the internet just to find stories that HE thinks make Microsoft look bad. So sad, and what a waste of someones day. Grasping at straws.

Islandkiwi4449d ago

So he didn't want the OS and Dell refunded the money for the this a story? I returned some socks the other day, maybe I should have alerted the media.

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The story is too old to be commented.