Tomodachi Life and The Absence of Homosexuality

Hardcore Gamer: Nintendo is a Japanese company, and Tomodachi Collection is a game designed with Japanese society in mind.

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talocaca1863d ago

Well.. living in Japan I can tell you that for them....its not stranger than being black or being a foreigner.

They see gay as one of those mysterious things foreigners do...since most Japanese gay men marry (a woman) anyway.

Nintendo is still a company (whose goal is to make money) and I'm sure more people would complain if it was included.

Android1863d ago (Edited 1863d ago )

That's my point exactly. Some societies still think it's strange. Trying to shoehorn it to everybody isn't as fair as it is trying to please the homosexual community.

I must add I'm not saying it's strange. I'm saying although some societies think it's perfectly normal, they don't except same sex marriage as being normal, such as Japan.

TomShoe1863d ago

I have no problem with gay marriage, and I think it should be legalized. I'm a little relieved they didn't add it, because I don't want hardcore bible-thumpers and political activists ruining a great thing in the name of furthering a political agenda. They've done it too many times already.

InTheZoneAC1863d ago

well if the body was made to reproduce with two sticks, call me and I'll change my opinion on the matter

randomass1711863d ago


I don't think those political activists deserve the satisfaction either, but simply omitting things like this is not how we combat people like that. Freedom of speech will reign with more open minded games being successful. Mass Effect 3 had homosexual relationships for male Shepard and the previous two had lesbian relationships. All three Mass Effect games were popular despite that.

stragomccloud1863d ago

The body and the mind are two different things, and that comment is neither here nor there, since there are countless married folks that don't even want children.

Take your ignorance back to the church and the ignorant parents that raised you.

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Android1863d ago

Can't please everybody I guess.

Gardenia1863d ago

I don't want that sh*t in games

randomass1711863d ago

Why? A game all about relationships often makes it optional, in which case you can totally ignore it. Some people are interested in that, so it's okay to have it in there.

Exodecai1863d ago

Waluigi thinks someone might be insecure about themselves... but it's ok! Waluigi is there for you! WAH HA HA!

InTheZoneAC1863d ago

how sad is this world when people have to complain about not having gay relationships in games

Android1863d ago

It's not only's messed up.

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The story is too old to be commented.