TeamVVV Weekly Racing Video Game News Videocast: Down with The Crew

VVV: "This week's news round-up video was an information overload on The Crew, as Ubisoft finally broke the silence surrounding their ambitious open world next generation racer, confirming it will be released this Autumn on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Alan and I both managed to get a hands-on with The Crew recently, and it's safe to say we're suitably impressed by what we saw. Alan's got everything covered in his preview event video, while I've been busy compiling a comprehensive hands-on report which will be posted on the site soon. While that's in progress, I posted a few snippets from the report detailing some of key aspects and most interesting tibits I learnt during my hands-on, such as how The Crew's humungous map dwarfs all other open world driving games and why its RPG elements make The Crew the Pokemon of car games."

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