Star Citizen’s Gameplay Looks Spectacular Even Recorded Off a Screen

After the reveal of the dogfighting module of Star Citizen and the first sighting of the title’s gameplay, it’s hard not to be excited for things to come, and more footage coming from PAX East definitely doesn’t help with the wait.

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ArbitorChief1866d ago

True next-gen has finally arrived. Star Citizen + Oculus Rift, oh my lawd!

starchild1865d ago

Just thinking about playing this in the Rift has me so excited. It's going to be incredible.

tee_bag2421866d ago

Man this game looks the business,

RedSoakedSponge1866d ago

looks beautiful! why didnt the guy playing shoot his gun?! they always get crap gamers to play on gameplay vids DX

HacSawJimThugin1866d ago

Not just any old crappie gamer, the creator. God he's awful lol.

scorpian0071866d ago

Finally, a game that will push my PC

Bluebird81866d ago

May just be the guy playing, but it looks like the controls are a bit aquard.

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