Dragon Ball: Ultimate Swipe Gameplay Footage

Dragon Ball: Ultimate Swipe is already out and we got our hands on some footage of the video game. In Dragon Ball: Ultimate Swipe, there are 4 sagas, in which Namek Saga is free to play while the other sagas like Cell Saga, Buu Saga and a Special Saga will cost you around $1.86 for each one.

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megatron007331868d ago

yep only one saga is free to play. The rest of them will cost you real money :D

randomass1711868d ago

Wow, really? I hope this one never comes to the west then. I'll wait for the next real fighting game. :/

ZodTheRipper1868d ago

This might even be the worst Dragonball game of all time, congrats Bandai.

GreenRanger1868d ago (Edited 1868d ago )

"Ultimate Swipe".

megatron007331868d ago

What more can you expect from a mobile game.

randomass1711868d ago

Prince Vegeta is quite disappointed...

e-p-ayeaH1867d ago

DragonBall Z kinect now avaiable for Android.

Skate-AK1867d ago

Oh no. Bandi Namco found the p2w model. There goes future console Dragon Ball Z games.

BloodyElle1867d ago

It's designed for phones and tablets, I'm tired of obnoxious controls that most likely FORCE YOU to play with a PS controller instead of your finger

It looks good, I'll give it a chance