Talking Point: Is The Last of Us Remastered Enough to Carry PS4 Until Christmas?

Push Square: "Sony clearly intended to make a bigger splash with The Last of Us Remastered before it leaked. The platform holder admirably attempted to shrug aside the mistimed comments made by Turkish executive Sercan Sulun late last month, but it couldn’t gloss over the big gaping banner advertisement that it accidentally uploaded to the PlayStation Store. As such, the Japanese giant forced its own hand – an attribute accentuated by the hastily prepared PlayStation Blog post that appeared minutes after affable executive Shuhei Yoshida had confirmed the game on Twitter."

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AceBlazer131867d ago

Till Christmas? What happened to DriveClub, Deep Down, PlanetSide 2, Warplanes, Everquest, Rime, The Order 1886,Guilty Gear Xrd,Everybody's Gone to Rapture,Minecraft and the shit ton of multiplats and indies?

You'd think the media has made it their personal agenda tio make the uneducated think the PS4 has no games.

ArchangelMike1867d ago

Dude, you forgot Helldivers. I don't understand why I'm so stoked for this game, probably why I'm so stoked for Diablo III as well. But yeah, Sony just need to coast along, they got 100 games in the bag for this year.

GribbleGrunger1867d ago (Edited 1867d ago )

The media will keep on trying to spin this completely false narrative so keep up the good work. Bubble.

Take your pick:

randomass1711867d ago

The media outlandishly trying to gain hits with sensationalized headlines? Who'd have thunk it?

randomass1711867d ago

Yeah, PS4 is perfectly set for the year. The multiplats seem set to look better generally, so most people are leaning Sony's side anyway. The indie support plus this and anything else will be enough to help maintain momentum.

sdozzo1866d ago

I'm with you but EverQuest is like 2015 and beyond.

BX811866d ago

The only game that holds my interest on the ps4 so far is the order. I might get destiny if it has more features on the ps4.

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skyrim1867d ago (Edited 1867d ago )

I know all the titles they have lined up till Christmas are good but I am hoping they have some stuff hidden up there sleeves in terms of exclusives.I am about as pumped as anybody for destiny and the order but I hope there is at least one big exclusive they have not talked about.

KinjoTakemura1867d ago

Carry the PS4? What a ridiculous title. The ps4 is still in high demand and there will be plenty of noteworthy games released before Christmas. As for exclusives, I don't think most gamers care. If most gamers are anything like me, they're looking for a diverse library and the most bang for your buck. The ps3 delivered all of that and then some. Why would the ps4 be any different?

chrissx1867d ago

Lol the writer is stealth trolling. There are other games e.g the order 1886 and drive club to name a few incoming before christmas

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